Helen Stanley

Helen Stanley is one of the most America dream come true stories. She is an entrepreneur, Television personality, and car designer. Growing up relatively poor, she has made a big leap and stands in the American business world and entertainment industry with huge confidence.

She stars in a show named ‘Garage Work Goblins’ and also co-owns ‘Skulls & Piston Garage’. Born in the nineties, she has made impressive progress over the years and continues to do so even today.


10 Facts About Helen Stanley You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. Helen Stanley is a prominent American businesswoman, entrepreneur, a car designer, and a success story.
  2. She was born in the decade of ’90s but the exact date with the year and month is not known.
  3. Judging from her picture, she looks young but we have no idea about her age.
  4. The details regarding her parents, childhood, and siblings are still unknown and maybe someday they’ll come up if you keep digging it.
  5. Stanley looks gorgeous and appears to be tall but we have no idea when it comes to her precise body measurements, weight, or height.
  6. She works as a presenter on the show ‘Goblin Works Garage’ which airs on The Discovery Channel.
  7. As a presenter of a show, she must make a good paycheck but we have no idea about what figures she makes annually.
  8.  Although estimated to be between half a million to million dollars, we can’t say conclusively what her net worth is.
  9. Stanley is active on social media sites and especially on Youtube and Instagram where she does brand endorsements and marketing.
  10. Stanley has 42.5k followers on Instagram and she mostly posts pictures of the cars she’s designing on the platform but once in a while, she posts her own picture which gets lots of likes.