Hillary Gallagher (Mitch Trubisky’s Girlfriend) Bio – Age, Wiki, Height, Engaged, Married, Net Worth

Hillary Gallagher “was” relatively unknown model personality residing on the small suburbs of the “fametown” and I use the verb “was” with emphasis because she just shot right from the suburbs of the fame land to the downtown, busting busy noisy downtown of Fame land after her Instagram picture of herself with Mitchell Trubisky (Chicago Bears Quarterback).

Early Life and Education

Hillary was born in 1995 and she is from Atlanta, Georgia. The details about her High School is unknown but who cares about High School, right? Anyways, college is more important. She is attending Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida and is expected to complete her graduation in fall of 2019 in Marketing Degree.

Parents – Father and Mother

Her father and mother are living under the rock with Patrick and they can breathe underwater as sometimes they’re seen making sand houses underwater with Spongebob and they love Krusty Krab but they are not very fond of Squidward. I am kidding of course.

The details about her parents are unknown.

Hillary Gallagher Age – 25

As, I have already mentioned that Hillary was born on 1995, you can just calculate her age but since you are on Internet and not active enough to go search this info from National archives, I will spoon feed you the information. She was born in 1995 and in the time of this writing, it is 2019…, she must be around 37. And that’s all. No! Actually, she is around 25 and if you believed she was 37, you are bad at Math. Like real terribly bad…beyond help.

Romantic Life of Hillary: Quarterbacks Are Her Types

Obviously, I would not dare to presume her taste in men but since her picture with boyfriend Mitchell Trubisky has gone viral, I am just gonna say it….she’s got great taste in men. Quarterback of the Chicago Bears- she’s getting it real good folks- real good.

But it would be also stupid to say that she got incredibly lucky to have a football star in her life because she is also very beautiful and Mitchell is lucky to have her in his life.

The romance rumors have gone wild like a Californian wildfire after she posted an adorable picture of herself with Mitchell on her Instagram.

Hillary’s Body Measurements

Her body measurements are very impressive considering that she has a modelling background.

Hillary Gallagher Height – 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)

She stands at 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and weighs about 55 kilograms (121 lbs). Her shoe size is apparently 7- much smaller than his giant boyfriend but the body measurements of 33-24-34 is certainly something to die for and Mitchell is apparently happy, who wouldn’t be?

Net Worth of Hillary Gallagher – Student Loans Maybe

To note her Net worth would be very problematic because the girl has not even graduated college. Maybe her net worth is in negative figure (only if she’s in student loans). Her boyfriend has earned $21.5 million dollars over 2 seasons but she’s going to take some time before making that much money.