Hou Zhihui Gender Explained: Is The Chinese Weightlifter A Transgender Man?

With the rumors of Hou Zhihui being transgender, concerns regarding her gender and sexuality are increasing. 

Hou Zhihui is a Chinese professional athlete who specializes in weight lifting. 

Hou is 2 times Asian champion, a world champion, and an Olympic champion with a gold medal in the recent Tokyo 2020 summer Olympics. 

With her incredible athletic performance in the recent weight lifting event, she has secured the second gold medal for China. 

People are waiting to see more of her at the events, and she is expected to grab even more medals for China. 

As mentioned, Hou has been a part of many major events of weight lifting n different regional and global platforms. 

She has become an overall success and a reputed personality in the athletic world. 

Despite all her professional success, the general public and netizens seem more eager to find out information regarding her personal life and details regarding it. 

Indeed, Hou’s gender, sexual orientation, and her other very personal matters are highly concerning people. 

Hou Zhihui Gender Explained: Is Hou Zhihui A Transgender Man?

Hou Zhihui’s gender and the question of if she is transgender are turning on the web and media. 

There is no such declaration from her which states if she is a transgender man. 

Zhihui’s gender is Female, and she is most certainly not transgender. 

In events such as the Olympics, stating one is transgender and taking tests relating to it is mandatory. 

Hence, if Hou was transgender, there would be a proper claim of this fact by the official and concerned authorities. 

So, the answer to the above-asked question is No; she is not a transgender man. 

Hou Zhihui Age And Height: How Old/Tall Is She?

Hou Zhihui’s age is just 24 years old. 

She was born on March 18, 1997, somewhere in China. 

Regarding her physical appearance, Hou Zhihui stands at a height of 1.48 meters which is about 4 feet and 10 inches tall. 

Also, her body weight is 49 kg, which is about 108 pounds. 

Who Is Hou Zhihui Partner?

There is currently no information regarding the partner of Hou Zhihui. 

She is a private person. She is not on any social media handles, and neither does she have many public interactions. 

Also, because of the language barrier, English-speaking people find it difficult to extract information regarding her. 

Hence, Hou might have a partner, but it is challenging to figure out if this is a fact or just a vague assumption. 

What Is Hou Zhihui Net Worth?

Hou Zhihui might have a net worth of over $500,000. 

Since she has won many events and has quite some experience of weight lifting, she most certainly has earned a net worth of over nearly half a million dollars until now.