How Much Is Freddie Figgers Worth? Everything On Millionaire Who Was Thrown Away As A Baby

Entrepreneur-inventor Freddie Figgers’ net worth amounts to $70 million. Here’s everything on his income and financial details. 

Freddie Figgers is a self-made millionaire and the founder of Figgers Communication. He launched the company at the age of a mere 16. 

He started Figgers Wireless two years later in 2008. By the age of 21, he became the youngest telecom operator in the United States. 

Furthermore, Figgers invented a GPS tracker after his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and started wandering. 

Likewise, he developed a networked glucometer after the death of his uncle who was diabetic.

The device transmitted the patient’s glucose levels to assigned physicians or family members and alerted them in case of abnormalities. 

What Is Freddie Figgers Net Worth?

Freddie Figgers has an estimated net worth of $70 million, according to 

He sold the rights of the GPS tracker he developed for his father to a big company in Kansas for $2.2 million. It was his first big break. 

Since then, there was no looking back for Figgers. 

Freddie Figgers Parents And Family

Freddie Figgers’ adopted family supported him through everything and made him the man he is today. 

Freddie’s biological mother abandoned him in a dumpster. His adoptive parents, Nathan Figgers and Betty Mae found him and decided to keep him as their own son. 

He grew up with his foster parents in Quincy, Florida. 

Freddie Figgers Wife: Is He Married?

Millionaire Freddie Figgers is married to his wife, Natlie Figgers. His wife is an attorney. 

Further, he has one daughter with his wife. His daughter’s name is not yet disclosed. 

How Old Is Freddie Figgers? Age Explored

Freddie Figgers’s age is 31 years old. 

He was born on September 26 in 1989 in Florida, United States. Also, he holds an American nationality. 

Follow Freddie On Instagram

Freddie Figgers is active on Instagram as @freddiefiggers. 

Aside from Instagram, he is also available on Twitter. 

He has garnered around 3K and 46.9k followers on his Twitter and Instagram accounts respectively.