How much is Pam Ayres Worth? Age And Husband Revealed

Pam Ayres Age: How old is the talented poet? We will cover every detail about her; please read till the end. 

Pam Ayres is an English poet, songwriter, comedian, and TV and Radio program presenter. She has been working in the entertainment industry for the last 4 decades. 

Pam is one of the few authors whose books had been on the Sunday Times’ bestseller charts, almost every decade since the beginning of her career. Here is all the information on how old Pam Ayers is? How much is she worth? Her latest books, her social media, and her family.

What Age Is Pam Ayres?

Pam Ayres was born in Berkshire, England, on 14 March 1947, which makes her age 73 years now.

She made her first appearance on TV in 1975 in the television talent show called “Opportunity Knocks”; ever since, she published books of poems, toured for shows, and hosted her TV show.

Where Does Pam Ayres Live? Accent

According to Wikipedia, Pam Ayres lives in Cotswolds, UK, with her husband, Dudley Russell. Ayers keeps herself busy with gardening and beekeeping. The couple also has rare breeds of cattle, ship, chicken, guinea fowl, and pigs.

Ayers is famous for her North Berkshire accent. 

How Much Is Ayres Worth?

Pam Ayer’s net worth is rumored to be $1.6 million. However, the information is not confirmed by any reliable source.

Though we can confirm that she might be earning a pretty good amount of money as her latest books “Pam Ayers-Down the Line” (2020), “Up in the Attic” (2019), and “The Last Hedgehog” (2018) did a decent business in the market. 

She talks about her books on her Twitter account under the user name @PamAyers.

Pam Ayres Husband: Does She Have Any Children?

Pam Ayer’s husband is a theatre producer Dudley Russel. The couple shares two children William and James.

It is not known what her sons do for a living.