How Old Is Hannah McNair 2021? Everything To Know About Cal McNair Wife

Hannah McNair is well recognized as the wife of an American businessman & sports executive, Cal McNair; Let’s explore more about her age details and family.

Hannah McNair originates from the United States of America and is a humanitarian. She is well-known for being the wife of Cal Mcnair, the director of the Houston Texans.

Cal, her significant other, became the football team’s administrator in 2018. Hannah is also usually recognized to be a member of numerous Houston good causes’ advisory groups.

McNair is also a member of the Lady Texans’ Executive Committee, the Celebration of Reading Committee, the Ladies for Literacy Guild, the Texas Children’s Hospital Leadership Council, and an HISD Mentor.

Hannah McNair Age: How Old Is She In 2021?

Hannah McNair’s age has not been revealed in the public media; however, her age is estimated to be around 40 to 42 years old.

Cal and Hannah have been at one other’s sides through all of life’s ups and downs for over 20 years. They have a total of seven children.

According to Houston Texans, their names are Raelyn, Vivian, Devon, Robert, Calhoun, Michael, and Hunter Grace.

The well-known celebrity wife serves on the DePelchin Children’s Center and the Project 88 Foundation boards.

McNair has also served on the boards of trustees for several charitable organizations in Houston, including DePelchin Children’s Center, AVDA, Impacts a Hero, The Mission of Yahweh, and others.

Hannah McNair Wiki And Family Details Explored

Hannah McNair has not been featured on the official Wikipedia page yet. However, various other sites have detailed information about the celeb’s wife.

McNair seems to be a private person as she has not shared much information regarding her family life or personal life.

Hannah has a sister who is her identical twin. Her twin sister lives less than a mile away. Aside from her husband and children, she has never spoken publicly about her parents or relatives.

Furthermore, she has led a very secluded existence. Hannah McNair does not have an Instagram account or any other social media accounts.

Hannah McNair Net Worth Revealed

Hannah McNair’s total assets and earnings have yet to be discovered. On the other hand, McNair’s net worth is between $800,000 and $1.5 million.

Despite this, her mother-in-law has a total net worth of $4 billion. She is one of the most abundant female sports owners globally, as the owner of the Houston Texans.

In one of the sessions, Hannah also reveals that she and her better half like seeing their children play during their free time.