How Old is Wade Ryan? Age Revealed

Wade Ryan of age 31 is emerging on social media platforms as of now. He is in the news because of his mesmerizing game stats and history which amuse the boxing fans.

Wade is an Australian fighter who has been into fights for a very long period. He has been recognized for his outstanding fighting skills in many Australian cognomens.

He is also recently attention spot after his fight against the renowned boxer Koen Mazoudier.

Wade Ryan Age & Height

Wade Ryan’s age is 31 years as of now.

However, his exact birth date and other date related to his birth are not revealed anywhere. He has not uncovered any personal information about himself to the public and the internet.

Ryan has a height of 5 feet 11 inches tall or 180 cm.

Wade Ryan Net Worth

As coming to his net worth, there is not much information related to this.

However, according to various sources, he has been performing for a long time, and fights in Australia are considered to compensate well.

So it is assumed that he has an adequate sum because boxing is the primary source of his net worth and income.

Wade Family Details

Wade Ryan has not mentioned anything regarding his family and his relatives.

He looks to be entirely focused on his profession right now. Or, he does not like to reveal his info to the public and media.

Is Wade Available on Wikipedia?

Wade Ryan is not on the Wikipedia page yet.

Furthermore, there are a few pages that give some reliable data about Wade. He is believed to have a great history in boxing. He is listed 3rd out of the 54 fighters in the Australian appellation. Worldwide he is listed in the 67th position.

He has been profoundly indulged in playing fights since the year 2012. Wade has performed 195 rounds till today, and he has a 22% passed-out ratio.

Meet Him On Instagram

Ryan is not traced using any social media platform, including Instagram.