How To Do The 27 Photo Challenge On TikTok And Instagram? Trend Explained

The new 27 photo challenge is a new challenge that gives a chance to creators to encapsulate their life in 27 pictures.

TikTok is the birthing hub of challenges. Almost every day, new challenges are coming and going on the platform.

We had the Old Town Road challenge, Beautifull People Challenge, DNA Test Challenge to name a few.

Now a new challenge is to make waves on the social media platform, and it’s called the 27 photo challenge.

How To Do The 27 Photo Challenge On TikTok? Trend Explained

The 27 photo challenge is a new trend that is taking TikTok by storm. The first videos were created as early as July of this year.

The feeling of nostalgia coupled with a peek at people’s lives seemed to be a good form of content.

This challenge is blissfully wholesome as it gives you a chance to look back at memories that you had kept hidden in your library.

The videos (or pictures) can be of anything: A childhood VHS tape, the first day their pet came home, pictures of your favorite K-pop idol, or even just a really good brunch.

Step By Step Guide For The 27 Photo Challenge

You can be a part of the 27 picture challenge by following this guide.

    1. Open the TikTok app and make an account( if you already didn’t have one)
    2. From the app, chose the option to select a photo or video from the gallery.
    3. Select the video you want to include in the challenge
    4. Find the music tool to add some emotion to the clips
    5. Edit the transition or add some commentary to the clips

Save your video or post it to the TikTok app. You can post the saved video on Instagram or Youtube.

27 Photo Challenge Song Explained

The song mostly features in the 27 photo challenge is “Swing Lynn” by Twin cabins.

Even though the song does not have any lyrics, the tune alone is enough to evoke some sort of memory in your mind. The song starts off with a simple guitar and quickly picks up speed.

The sound has gotten so famous on TikTok that creators use it as a background score to videos featuring things other than the 27 photo challenge.

The song was featured in the top 200 of SHazam in July, when the trend was at its peak.