How To Do The Wipe It Down Challenge On TikTok? Tutorials Explained

Wipe it down challenge is one of many challenges on TikToks that people complete in the hopes of being followed more and earning some money and having fun while doing it.

if you are not new to TikTok, you already know what this challenge is because it is one of the most covered challenge videos on the platform. But if you are not an avid TikTok user and want some help in knowing what this challenge is, you have stumbled into the right corner.

What is Wipe it Down Challenge?

There are many teenagers doing this wipe it down challenge where you see someone in front of the mirror wiping the mirror(as the name suggests) and they see a reflection of themselves in front of the mirror.

It sounds pretty simple and it is very simple to do it as well. Duh!! It’s a TikTok video, not thermodynamics. The people are seen doing this challenge on BMW Kenny’s song named “Wipe It Down”.

The punchline or the funny part here is that sometimes as you are wiping down the mirror, you see a different version of yourself- a cosplay, or a better dressed you.

How to do Wipe It Down Challenge?

The method to follow is simple. First, stand in front of the mirror and it helps if the mirror is pretty dirty. Get yourself a piece of cloth and cleaning reagent and then as the name suggests you, wipe it down.

The good thing about this challenge is that it’s easy to do. I mean if you are Bruce Wayne with your own butler and don’t understand the concept of cleaning, you can’t do it. Otherwise, you can do it pretty easily.

However, there still are some things you need to care about which I will explain in a much more detailed manner below.

Wipe It Down Challenge: Detailed Tutorial

First of all, you will need at least two or more clothes to make this challenge. You need to have a different appearance. Then feature your camera in front of the mirror so that only you are visible and not the camera.

Now, record yourself wiping the mirror on BMW Kenny’s song- Wipe it Down. For each pair of clothes, record all of the portions- the wiping up, the wiping down, and the reaction of yourself. 

The basic idea is that while you were wiping down the mirror, suddenly you see a trendier version of yourself and upon new wiping, you change back to the old you and are shocked at the transition.

After you have collected all the footage, select the portion of the videos you want with the song and discard others. Trim the video using the easy interface of TikTok and then Viola! You have a Wipe It Down challenge video of yourselves.

Now, look at this compilation videos and gather some ideas of your own as to how to do this challenge video anyways. Make it your version and don’t be afraid to change it up and be bold. 

Some Tips To Do Unique Wipe It Down Challenge

  1. Focus on the small details when it comes to transitions and make it perfect.
  2. Cosplay as a superhero, or any comic characters whatever you may like if you post that kind of stuff on your profile.
  3. When you change back to the old dress and a shocking reaction, be sure not to overdo the reaction or under-do it because it’s just the right amount of spice that makes the food perfect.

Alright, people! Happy TikToking. Keep creating and keep doing whatever makes you happy and uplifted