Huey Haha Suicide Or Shot To Death: Dead Body Photo – Wife & Kids

Did Huey Haha die by suicide or was he shot to death? What is his death cause? Tune in to find out.

Huey Haha was a comedian and social media influencer. He used to upload comedy skits to his YouTube channel and TikTok account. Likewise, had a huge social media presence with 290k followers on Instagram and 448k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The news about his death has shocked fans all over the world. People have shared different photos and tweets of him as a tribute. In fact, some of the fans have also uploaded videos on YouTube.

Huey Haha Suicide Or Shot To Death:

According to some reports, Huey Haha was killed by a self-injured gunshot wound. However, the cause of his death has not been confirmed as of now.

The first ones to confirm Huey Haha’s death were Jackfroot, a media and news company. A recent Instagram upload on his account is a screenshot of a GoFundMe fundraiser. Moreover, his family has confirmed the news about his death through the same post.

Coby Jdn is the one who organized the Fundraiser, and all the proceeds will go towards his funeral and his daughter Princess.

Huey Haha Dead Body Photo

Different speculations regarding Huey Haha’s death have made rounds on the internet. However, no official sources have confirmed the rumors.

While some of his fans believe he died by suicide, some think he was gunned down. Whether the speculations have any truth behind them is currently a mystery. We will have to wait for an official source to verify the news.

Huey Haha Wife & Kids

Huey Haha was not married and didn’t have a wife. However, he was in a relationship with his girlfriend Heather Saizon.

Talking about Huey’s kids, he and Heather have a daughter together. His daughter’s name is Keilani Ha, but she is mostly known as Princess.

Similarly, Princess was born in 2019, and is currently 2 years old. Both Huey and his daughter were often seen pictured together in his social media handles.

In fact, his first Instagram post is a series of pictures of him and Heather from their pre-baby photoshoot.

Huey Haha Family

Huey Haha’s family have also confirmed the news about his death through an Instagram post. The caption states, “Rest In Peace to Huey Ha Huey Ha passed away October 25, 2021.”

Along with the fans, we are also sending strength and prayers to his family and loved ones. May Huey’s soul Rest in peace; gone but never forgotten.