Is Andrew Hoy Married To Wife Stefanie Strobl? Everything You Need To Know

Who is Stefanie Strobl Andrew Hoy wife? Here’s what you should know about her partner and family.

Stefanie is in the limelight, all thanks to her Olympian husband. Currently, she owns a communications agency.

It seems Strobl wants to live a low-profile life despite having a famous spouse. However, she has appeared in Andrew’s social media profiles.

Everything On Stefanie Family Life

Stefanie Strobl resides with her family in the Leicestershire village of Somerby. Reportedly, they have a yard where Andrew can train his horses.

Actually, she was born to German parents. But, on the other hand, her husband holds an Australian nationality.

Well, Andrew had resided with Bettina in Warendorf. In fact, she used to represent Germany internationally. So, he is very well aware of the German culture that his current life partner holds.

Stefanie Strobl And Partner Andrew Hoy Age Comparison

Stefanie Strobl’s current age remains unknown. However, her partner, Andrew Hoy, is 62 years old.

Looking at her pictures, we do not believe that she is in her sixties. As per our prediction, she is somewhere in her early fifties or could be even younger.

So, we can confirm that Andrew is at least ten years older than Stefanie. On the other hand, his former wifey is 58 years old. Thus, they have an age difference of just 4 years.

Recently, Hoy bagged a bronze medal for his country at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In fact, he is the oldest Australian to appear and win an Olympic medal.

Who Is Stefanie Strobl? Learn About Andrew Hoy Wife

Andrew Hoy is married to his wife, Stefanie Strobl. Most probably, they met after he got separated from his former spouse.

Together, the couples have two children. Their daughter, Philippa, was born in August 2017. Two years later, the pair was blessed with a son named Oscar.

Previously, Stefanie’s husband had tied the knot with Bettina Hoy. Reportedly, she is an equestrian rider who competed in the 2004 Olympics.

According to Hoy’s Wikipedia, they lived together for at least 12 years. Moreover, the former couples remain the only real-life partners that competed against each other for the same Olympic gold medal.

In November 2011, he decided to end his relationship with Bettina. Therefore, as per their divorce agreement, she had to give away her ride, Lanfranco TSF, to Andrew.

The same year, he moved to Somerby, Leicestershire. Indeed, Andrew found his better half, Stefanie, there.