Is Darius Mccray aka Eddie Winslow Dating Transgender Rapper Sidney Starr? Rapper Confirms The Rumors

Is Eddie Winslow Dating Transgender Rapper Sidney Starr? Get all the latest deets on ‘Eddie Winslow’ actor here below!

Darius Mccray is an American actor, singer, rapper, and producer.

He is best known for his role as Edward “Eddie” Winslow on the ABC/CBS TV series “Family Matters”.

Having portrayed the role from 1989 to 1998, Darius is often called by his character’s name, Eddie. Being a veteran personality in the acting industry, he has worked in several movies and TV series as of today.

Is Eddie Winslow Dating Transgender Rapper Sidney Starr?

Darius Mccray aka Eddie Winslow has slammed all the rumors about him dating the transgender rapper Sidney Starr.

The rumors started when Sidney had posted a picture and a video of her and Darius on her Instagram feed.

Netizens were quick to add that the two celebs are probably dating to which Darius denied.

However, the netizens dug out the matter and found a video in which both Darius and Sidney are seen dancing very closely.

They even shared a kiss that did not go with netizens and slammed back Darius.

The “Family Matters” actor also clarified that he had only attended dinner and that he is an engaged man. Meanwhile, Sidney has remained silent on the recent commotion on social media.

Sidney Starr Wikipedia: Get To See Her Before Surgery Pictures

The alleged girlfriend of actor Darius McCrary, rapper Sidney Starr had become a highlight back in 2010 when she alleged that she was in a relationship with rapper Chingy.

However, her words were all lies but she was quick to apologize to viewers.

After that, she has become a part of many shows including “Love & Hip Hop Season 9”, “Atlanta Plastic”, “Botched”, and “Back Inc Crew: Chicago”.

One of the likeable traits of Sidney is described to be her honesty for her plastic surgery as well as her identity as a transgender.

Her ventures in shows like “Botched” and “Atlanta Plastic” is all about her plastic surgery transformation that received positive remarks.

Follow Darius McCrary On Instagram

Darius McCrary can be traced down on Instagram under the username @dariusmccrary with a verified tick on the side.

He is followed by more than 478k followers at the moment with whom he often shares his special life moments.

On the other hand, his new counterpart Sidney also enjoys more than 355k followers at the moment.