Is Lev Parnas Jewish? Wife Svetlana Parnas Religion -Everything To Know

After Lev Parnas’s arrest, many people are curious about his personal life and ask if he is Jewish?

Lev Parnas is a Ukrainian-American businessman and associate of Rudolph Giuliani. He and other officials, including Giuliani, pushed Ukraine to investigate a political rival.

Parnas is a prominent figure in Florida who is a supporter of President Donald Trump. He was apprehended on October 9, 2019, by Igor Fruman, who was a countryman from Belarus.

Lev Parnas, who was hired by Rudolph Giuliani to work for his fraud prediction firm, is currently in prison with his accomplice Igor Fruman.

Is Lev Parnas Jewish?

Yes, the businessman Lev Pranas is Jewish. He is a follower of Judaism.

Lev was born to a Jewish family on the 6th of February 1972 at Odesa, Ukraine. However, he migrated to the United States Of America along with his family at the age of three.

Parnas holds Ukrain-American nationality born in Ukraine and raised in the United States.

Who Is Lev Parnas Wife Svetlana Parnas? Her Religion

Lev Parnas is happily married to his wife Svetlana Parnas. Though the couple has not yet revealed how they met, they live together with five children out of six.

Lev got married to his beautiful wife Svetlana in the year 2012. Before he met Svetlana, he was married to Barbara Bella Tessein. But no details on Lev’s first marriage are known.

Parnas wife Svetlana manages alongside her husband an investment group. Though she was not accused in the Trump-Ukraine scandal, her name did come in court in mid-December 2019 after her investment group was found for donating to PAC supporting President Trump.

Svetlana is an authorized as well as registered agent of the company titled Aaron Investment LLC.

Svetlana belongs to Ukraine-White ethnic background.

Lev Parnas Net Worth

As a businessman, there is no doubt, Lev Parnas has earned quite a huge amount of net worth. However, as of 2021, his net worth is still a mystery. But no doubt his net worth is surely in millions but yet to be disclosed to the public.

Likewise, the businessman has also not revealed information on his salary.

Where Is Lev Parnas From?

Lev Parnas was born in Ukraine but grew up in the United States. He was just three when his whole family migrated to the United States From Ukraine.

So the businessman belongs to the Ukraine-American nationality. He has spent most of his time in America.