Is Richard Madeley Back In The Castle I’M A Celebrity – What Happened to Him?

Following an episode in which he went headfirst into a sewer of rotten fruit and vegetables, the TV host, 65, was checked by an on-site medical team before being sent to the hospital as a precaution.

Madeley said he was “completely OK” in a statement released Thursday afternoon.

“I became unwell briefly in the early hours of the morning and was rushed to the hospital as a precaution,” he explained. “I burst the Covid’bubble’ by leaving the camp, and as a result, I’ve had to leave the castle and all the great celebs who remained in the centre.”

“I’m disappointed to be going so soon, but the safety of all of the campmates comes first.” I’m quite pleased to follow their travels… even more so now that they’ll be in a somewhere a little warmer than Gwrych Castle.”

Madeley searched for ten hidden stars in a room “full of castle animals” while rotten food, including fish guts and offal, was dropped on him from above in Wednesday night’s challenge, dubbed Castle Kitchen Nightmares.

After 10 minutes of searching in dark corridors, the klaxon sounded, with Madeley only getting four out of ten stars, securing a squirrel dinner for the camp.

On Twitter, fans of the show complained that the trial was too tricky. One said, “The trial Richard Madeley just completed was impossible.” “There was no way somebody could ever get all those stars.” This year, they don’t want them to eat too well.”

“Ridiculous and impossible trial for Richard Madeley,” observed another. Even after skipping portions, you realized it wasn’t going to happen in the time allotted. So GET DOWN TO BUSINESS.”

“Richard was sick in the early hours and was immediately seen by our on-site medical staff,” an ITV spokeswoman stated. As a precaution, Richard was sent to the hospital; the health and safety of our campmates is our top priority.”

Madeley, best known for co-hosting This Morning with his wife Judy Finnigan, was one of 12 finalists competing at Gwrych Castle in north Wales.

No stand-ins will be allowed into the castle, according to ITV. Instead, Madeley will chat with Ant and Dec about a message she taped for her campmates on Friday night’s show.