Is Steven Mulherns Gay? Biography, Wikipedia, Sexuality And Married Life

Steven Mulherns, the TV presenter always sparked some gay rumors. Well, Mulhern’s is not Gay.

Here is everything on his sexuality and dating life.

Is Steven Mulherns Gay? Sexuality

No, Steven is a straight guy despite all the gay talks. Well, Steven has been spending his life single for several years now.

His former relationship ended back in 2011. He also stated that he doesn’t prefer online dating.

Further adding that he is very busy with his professional life and doesn’t have time to focus on his own personal life. It’s the biggest reason for which these rumors popped up.

TV presenter Steven Mulherns Wife and Married life

Due to the absence of a wife, there were queries aroused about Steven Mulherns sexuality.

Steven is neither married nor has a spouse in his life currently. The host is very much private and tends to keep his personal life away from the media limelight. He is with the name stephenmulhern on Instagram.


But there were the rumors of him getting hitched to Emma Barton years ago. However, the rumor was dismissed when the pair officially stated about their split up.

Explore Steven Mulhern Girlfriend Or Partner

Actually, Emma Barton who is by the name theemmabarton on Instagram had remained his girlfriend for whole three years.


No doubt, Steven has been linked to many artists in the past. Out of all, with Emma, he had been a long time.  The former pair met back in 2008 while they were signed in for the Snow White pantomime at a theatre named Marlow.

The pair when in a relationship didn’t let their romance float on to media. However, the duos decided to end their relationship with mutual understanding back in 2011.

Stephen Mulhern Wiki: Boyfriend Or Husband

As of now, Stephen doesn’t have any official wiki page.

Talking about his love life, the man had confronted that he is now on his own. He committed in front of the media that the last time he went on a date was about four years earlier.

He further added, that listening to this statement of his makes him sad. He told that he needs to refresh his life and stop working too much or involving in his professional career.

Mulhern Net Worth: How Much Salary Does He Earn?

Stephen Mulhern has a total net worth of $3 million dollars.


His exact salary is not given on the web portals yet. But he had been a part of numerous shows during his life which has definitely made him earn a handsome amount of money.