Janick Maceta Parents: Everything To Know About The Model

Janick Maceta’s parents are from Peru; her father is an investigative officer and her mother is an English teacher.

Janick Maceta Del Castillo is the crowned Miss Peru of 2020 and a representative for Miss Universe 2021 from Peru. She is a professional model, beauty pageant, audio engineer and music producer as well.

She had applied for Miss Peru three times and had been into the top 10 twice earlier. Finally, her third attempt resulted in success as the saying goes the third time is always a charm.

She is a native Peruvian from Trujillo but had to move into the United States due to various reasons. 

Maceta is an experienced beauty pageant since she has also secured the second position in Miss Tourism World 2018. She was also the third finalist in Miss Supranational 2019.

Janick Maceta Parents And Family

Janick Maceta has a family of three along with her parents. 

Her father was an investigative police officer in Peru and had been involved in many dangerous tasks. Her mother was an English teacher in Peru. 

They had to move into the United States due to the threat from the terrorist groups from her father’s work. He sacrificed his career in Peru for a safe start to life in Northern America. 

Maceta had also started to pursue her interest in the Musical field after coming to America. She started as a supporting producer in the team of many musical projects such as West Side Story.

She also co-founded a record company for young musical talents called Record Label Top of New York. The purpose of which was to help them by digitizing and producing their musical material.

Janick Maceta Age And Height

The age of Supermodel Janick Maceta is officially 27 years old with a height of 5 feet and 9.5 inches in 2021 according to Wikipedia.

She has also been working as a social activist working to help children in Peru. She has set up an NGO called Little heroes Peru. 

The task of the NGO is to support children from Peru, suffering from sexual and family abuse and provide legal and psychological support to help them.

Janick Maceta Instagram 

Janick Maceta is active on Instagram with a total of 530,000 followers @janickmaceta.

She is also active on Twitter with the same username.