Jeffrey Klacik: 10 Facts On Kimberly Klacik Husband

Jeffrey Klacik’s claim to fame is his relationship with his politician wife Kimberly Klacik. If something happens in Kim’s life paparazzi start following Jeffery as well.

Likewise, Kim lost Maryland’s house of representatives’ election in 2020 against Kweisi Mfume, a Democratic nominee. 

However, this news brought Jeff as well in the media spotlight. In the table below, you can find some quick details about him.

NameJeffrey Klacik
WifeKimberly Klacik

If you are a celebrity’s family member, you don’t need to do much to get the limelight. In fact, sometimes the spotlight comes upon you indirectly. 

Kim lost an election in November. However, her husband Jeff also got surrounded up with various questions relating to his wife’s defeat in the election.

10 Facts On Jeffrey Klacik

  1. Jeffrey Klacik is famous in the media for being the husband of American politician Kimberly Klacik.
  2. He hasn’t disclosed his age. Also, his date of birth plus zodiac sign is also not available on the web portals.
  3. Klacik is a businessman. As a matter of fact, he serves as a managing director at a company named Klacik & Associates Inc. He has earned respect in the company for his job as an MD.
  4. There aren’t any details about Jeffrey Klacik and Kimberly Klacik’s marriage date. Nonetheless, they relish a happy married life together.
  5. Moreover, the couple has a beautiful looking daughter. Though her identity is not discoverable as of now.
  6. Currently, he lives with his small family in Middle River, Maryland.
  7. What does he do for a living? How much is his net worth? He is the MD of a famous company but his net worth is unknown.
  8. Kimberly Klacik’s husband Jeff doesn’t use social media accounts. 
  9. Also, he hasn’t been much seen with Kim in political events. 
  10. Wiki says, his wife lost again Kweisi Mfume in both April and November 2020 election for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District.