Jennifer Geller

Dancing her way from one performance to another, Jennifer Geller is a professional dancer. Currently working on several gigs, the American dancer has been making her way through the crowd.

On top of doing several broadway performances, Jennifer is also known for her acting skills. Keep on reading to know some interesting facts about Jennifer Geller.

NameJennifer Geller

10 Facts About Jennifer Geller

  1. Jennifer Geller completed her primary education at the Epstein School. She then finished her course in performing arts and admitted herself at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.
  2. While most parents tell their kids to focus on academics, Jennifer’s mother nudged her to take part in the musical called Bring it On. Several callbacks later, the dancer landed the role as Nautica.
  3. She made the national touring debut at just the age of eighteen.
  4. The passion for music definitely runs in the family as her mother,  plays the clarinet and has performed in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.
  5. Becoming a dancer was not just a dream that Jennifer had in a day. In fact, she had been dreaming of performing on a stage since she was three years old. 
  6. Apart from being a dancer, Jennifer also has a talent for acting. She is currently involved in the comedy TV series, Curb Your Enthusiasm. 
  7. On top of being an actress and dancer, Jennifer is also a certified personal trainer and is qualified to teach TRX. She has also been doing eight shows per week.
  8. Jennifer is currently performing as The Bullet in the Original Cast of the First National Tour of HAMILTON!
  9. As meeting people is one of her greatest joys, Jennifer has even organized several meet-and-greet sessions. She also has virtual dance lessons, audition coaching, and virtual concert.
  10. Jennifer also shares her workout routine on her Instagram account with her eight thousand followers.