Jerhonda Pace Age: How Old Is R Kelly Accuser? Wiki Details To Follow

How old is R Kelly accuser Jerhonda Pace? She is 28 years old as of 2021.

Pace was named as the Jane Doe No. 4, who recently testified against the former American singer, R. Kelly. She gave a very detailed explanation of the alleged sexual assault.

Nevertheless, Jerhonda now wants a fresh start and enjoy her life with her family. 

Jerhonda Pace Age: How Old Is R Kelly Accuser?

Jerhonda Pace is an R Kelly accuser of age 28 years old.

Jerhonda claims that she was just 16 years old when Kelly abused her. She alleges that the R&B was in his early 40s when he started a sexual relationship with her.

Apparently, Pace became an R Kelly fan when was 11 years old. She first met him during Kelly’s 2008 child pornography hearings.

In Jerhonda Pace’s recent trial update, she stated that she was still a virgin at that time. Similarly, she alleges that the singer groomed her and even had unprotected sex with her without her consent

Jerhonda has also accused Kelly of punishing her if she didn’t follow his order. She even recalled a particular event in 2010, when Kelly slapped her and choked until she passed out.

The alleged victim claims she suffered months of physical and mental abuse. Moreover, Pace was the fourth person to testify against Kelly. 

Jerhonda Pace Wikipedia Bio 

Jerhonda Pace doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio yet.

But, you can find her on Instagram as @jerhondaa. She has garnered 30.3k followers on her IG platform.

According to her social media, Jerhonda Pace is already married to a husband named Joseph. Similarly, Jerhonda Pace is the mother of 5 children in the family. 

Furthermore, Pace is expecting her sixth child in few days. She even expressed her frustration for having to testify during her last trimester of the pregnancy. 

Pace has been moving into the path of healing. She is a vegan and loves travelling. 

How Much Is Jerhonda Pace Net Worth?

Jerhonda Pace owns a good net worth and lives a decent life.

She even runs a youtube channel named Jerhondaa, where she posts as a lifestyle vlogger. Similarly, she boasts 1.2k subscribers.

On other hand, her alleged accuser was worth $115 million USD during his prime time. But, after his legal issues, the singer has lost over $100 USD million in a fortune.

It is estimated that R. Kelly’s wealth is in negative $2 million USD. He is currently facing 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. On the other hand, Kelly’s team still maintains his innocence.