Jessica Magufuli: Everything To Know About John Magufuli Daughter

Jessica Magufuli John Magufuli Daughter might be grieving over her father’s death. 

Jessica Magufuli, daughter of John Magufuli, is a young, strong open-minded, civilized, and patriotic girl, according to her Instagram bio, and also a passionate young girl who is active as a social worker and about Leadership and Economics.

Jessica’s father was the President of Tanzania from 2015 to this death in 2021. John Magufuli was the politician and the fifth president of Tanzania who served as Minister of Works, Transport, and Communications.

Facts to know about Jessica Magufuli

  1. John Magufuli’s daughter Jessica Magufuli was born in Tanzanian.
  2. Jessica Magufuli boyfriend’s information is unavailable. It seems she is more focused on her career.
  3. Late President John Magufuli and Jeneth Magufuli have been gifted with a beautiful daughter Jessica and a son Joseph Magufuli.
  4. There is no information about Jessica Magufuli’s husband.
  5. Magufuli shared her daily life story in her Instagram account named Jessica Mshama with followers of 67.9k and 574 Following.
  6. Jessica is a Tanzanian who is a young, strong open-minded, Civilized, and patriotic girl and passionate about her work.
  7. Magufuli’s father, John Magufuli, has died from Heart Complications at a hospital in Dar es Salaam.
  8. Jessica’s mother, Jeneth Magufuli, is a former Lady of Tanzania who served as the country’s Frist Lady from 2015.
  9. The Tanzanian girl Jessica stay strong in her Leadership and has been helping the different organization in Tanzanian.

Jessica Magufuli Wikipedia

Jessica Magufuli Wikipedia is unavailable.

Daughter of late president John Magufuli, Jessica has no information in any sites despite the fact that she is the daughter of John Magufuli and Jeneth Magufuli.

NameJessica Magufuli
ParentsJohn magufuli, Jeneth Maguguli
SiblingsJoseph Magufuli
InstagramJessica Mshama

Jessica Magufuli Age: John Magufuli Daughter

John Magufuli Daughter Jessica Magufuli age is not yet opened.

After John Magufuli’s death, Jessica shared her love with her mother, Jeneth Magufuli, and Brother Joseph Magufuli.