Joes Daemen Net Worth & Wikipedia: How Rich Is The Somerset Capital Partners CEO?

Renowned Businessman Joes Daemen has a net worth of over a billion dollars as he is the CEO of Somerset Capital Partners. What is his age?

Joes Daemen is an experienced Dutch businessman who is the CEO of and Founder of Somerset Capital Partners. Previously, Daemen was the CEO of Mass & Daeman bv.

But, Joes sold his previous company and started focusing more on private equity and real estate development and investments. He launched his hedge fund, Somerset Capital Partners Value Fund, in 2009.

Since March 2017, Daemen has been serving as the Chairman of Somerset Capital Partners Foundation. Their real estate portfolio includes office, retail, hotel, industrial and residential properties.

After the completion of his education, Daemen began working as a broker in the financial market. He was a business-minded person from an early age.

How Much Is Joes Daemen Somerset Net Worth?

CEO of Somerset, Joes Daemen’s net worth is expected over a billion dollars.

However, it is hard to put on his exact earnings details in number.

Daemen makes a tremendous sum of money from his business.

Somerset Capital Partner invests across the risk spectrum from opportunistic to core+ debt and improves the properties through hands-on management and targeted value-add initiatives.

On the other hand, his son Oliver Daemen is a physics student who will join next week’s spaceflight on the New Shepard.

And Joes placed the second-place bid, and the $28 million winning bidders deferred to a later flight.

Joes Daemen Wikipedia and Age Revealed

Joes Daemen is a dutch businessman who is primarily recognized as the CEO of a real estate private equity firm, Somerset Capital Partners.

Moreover, Daemen attended the University of Wageningen, where he obtained his Master of Science in Agriculture Economics and Marketing.

Between 1980 to 1986, Daemen studied at Bernardinus College.

Likewise, Joes was also the CEO and Founder of Mass & Daeman bv from 1995 to 1999.

Regarding Joes Daemen’s age, he is probably between 50 to 55 years old.

However, Daemen hasn’t revealed anything about his birthdate on public platforms.

Joes Daemen Wife And Son Oliver

Joes Daemen has kept the details of his wife away from the media.

But he is the father of Oliver Daemen. Oliver’s mother is Eline Daemen Dekker.

So, we can say that Joes Daemen’s wife is also Eline.

Oliver is 18 years old who is originally from the Netherlands, pursuing his studies in Physics.

Besides, Oliver will be joining the former Amazon CEO, his brother Mark Bezos and 82-year-old flight instructor Wally Funk on the New spaceflight.

Moreover, Joes does not publicly talk about his personal life, so further information about his marital life is unknown.