Jonbernardk Tiktok Aka Jon-Bernard Kairouz Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth

Jonbernardk aka Jon-Bernard Kairouz on TikTok predicts accurate COVID-19 cases. How Does He Do It? Find Out!

What is this Sorcery? This is the question comedian and Tiktoker Jonbernardk has left everyone with.

For the continuous three days, he has predicted the exact number of COVID-19 cases in New South Wales. Now, he has over 145k followers on his Tiktok profile.

Jonbernardk Aka Jon-Bernard Kairouz: Meet The Tiktok Comedian

Jonbernardk aka Jon-Bernard Kairouz is a Tiktok comedian.

Kairouz is popular for uploading hilarious interviews with people on Tiktok. In the last few days, he has gone viral for his accurate COVID-19 cases prediction.

Jonbernardk, who is from Sydney, Australia, pointed the exact number of COVID-19 cases in the city for three days in a row. Last time, he predicted exact 97 cases which turned out to be precisely the same number.


Number Of Cases Tomorrow, Friday 16th Of July ##fyp ##sydneylockdown

♬ original sound – Jon-Bernard Kairouz 🎤


His prediction videos have now millions of views per day. Similarly, viewers are baffled by Jonbernardk’s psychic power. In fact, some are even accusing him of applying some sneaky method.

However, the comedian claims his predictions as “Cold and Hard maths”. He has even named it as “Kairouz probability theorem”.

Jonbernardk Age: How Old Is He?

Jonbernardk seems around the age of his 20s.

He is an Aussie actor and a resident of New South Wales. Likewise, Jonbernardk is of Caucasian ethnicity.

Jonbernardk has an impressive physique at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches tall. Similarly, he weighs around 84kg on the scale and is a former professional rugby player.

The comedian is not the only star of the family. He has a brother named Nicholas Kairouz, with whom he makes his prediction videos.

Discover Jobernardk’s Instagram Bio

You can find Jonbernardk on Instagram bio as @jonbernardk.

He boasts with over 22.3k followers on his Instagram profile. Likewise, his Twitter handle @jonbernardk has over 1.8k followers.


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However, Jonbernardk doesn’t have Wikipedia yet.

Besides his online career, the comedian is also well-known on mainstream media. His popular features include the TV series, Home and Away and Channel 10’s Family Feud.

In addition, he has starred in a number of TV, TVC, and advertisements. Moreover, Kairouz is involved in his own projects like The Forecast and Off The Record with The Oracle.

For the fourth day, Jonbernardk predicts the cases will be 111 in Syndey. What do you think? Will Jonbernardk’s psychic power shine four days in row?