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Kaija Koo Biography

Kaija Kokkola better known by her stage name Kaija Koo, is a Finnish singer born 10th September 1962. Kaija Koo has won the Women’s Emma Award for the Year more than any other, three times in 1993, 1997 and 2014.

Kajia Koo Career

Kokkola began her career when she was 17 years old, as a member of a band Steel City, later known as Kaija Koo Band, until it broke up and Kaija Koo became a soloist.She also served as a backing artist for Maukka Perusjätkä’s albums and Frederik’s background at the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest . The song was ” Titanic, ” which eventually became Frederick’s most famous hit. Kaija Koo has also been the backdrop of Kirka in the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest (” Hengailla “) and also in the 1985 Sonja Lumpe in the ” Life in Life ” section. Kajia released her first solo album When the cigarettes are over in 1986. Album was produced by Risto Asikainen , and the single “All the Old Movies” released there rose to radio hit. During the release of the album, Kaia’s father died, suggesting that he was long on the sidelines of the singer.

Markku Impiö was producing Kaija Koo’s studio album H-Hetki , released in 2007 . Kaija Koo was nominated for 2009 for Iskelmä-Finlandia . In spring 2010, Kaija resigned from her then record label company Bonnier Amigo Music Group and signed a new record deal with the Apulanta band and Katja Ståhli, the company of Päijät-Häme, founded and broke out. The new album, ” Irti” and “Vapaa”, was released in autumn 2010. “Free” has risen to radio and sales and has already been sold over a single platinum album. Also the album itself has sold platinum. The contract of Kaija Koo and Päijät-Häme Sorto ja riisto contract fell in May 2011 after only one album. In autumn, Kaija Koo released a collection of new platinum Beautiful, rietas, happy – The best 1980-2011 featuring two new songs.

In the fall, Kaija competed for ten years with the song “Beautiful reetas happy” in the autumn song contest and in the autumn of 2012, Kaija Koo was featured in Nelonen’s ” Only Life ” series, where seven Finnish artists performed each other’s songs. In April 2014, Kaija Koo’s new studio album was released Who Will Teach It . In the 2015 Emma Gala, he was awarded for the third time with the best female songwriter Emma . In May 2016, Kaija released a new single Blue Ladder , which is the first single released in the autumn of the new album. In the fall of 2017, Kaija Koo was one of the artists in the seventh season in the “Only Life” television series . The season was all stars, which meant that artists who had previously been in the program returned to Satulinna with new songs and stories.

Kaija Koo Spouse

She was married to Olli Impio up to 2006.

Kaija Koo ikä

Kaija was born on 10th September 1962 in Helsinki, Finland.

Kaija Koo Kid

She has one child from her marriage with Markku Impio ,by the name Olli Impio.

Kaija Koo Songs

  1. “Steel City” (1980) (Steel City)
  2. “Seis” (1980) (Steel City)
  3. “The City’s Face” (1981) (Steel City)
  4. “Radio Girls” (1982) (Steel City)
  5. “Fashionable Face” / “Game Hall” (1983) (Kaija Kokkola & City Band)
  6. “Wizard” / “After three after the morning” (1984)
  7. “Empty” / “Who Screams” (1985)
  8. “All the Old Movies” (1985)
  9. “When the cigarettes are over” (1986)
  10. “I’m afraid, fear me” (1986)
  11. “Who Invented Love” (1993)
  12. “So Beautiful Is Silence” (1993)
  13. “Come closer to Beibi” (1993)
  14. “Cold Without Yourself” (1994)
  15. “The Fall of the Past Winter” (1995)
  16. “In the Next Life” (1995)
  17. “The Sky Inside” (1995)
  18. “Five Seasons” (1995)
  19. “The World Winds” (1995)
  20. “Unihiekkamyrsky” (1997)
  21. “I Remember You” (1997)
  22. “In My Wind Sounds” (1998)
  23. “The Days of Flying” (1998)
  24. “Siipiveikko” (1998)
  25. “At the Light of Time” (1998)
  26. “Father” (1999)
  27. “Ex-nainen” (2000)
  28. “If You Did not Have It” (2000)
  29. “Let It Be” (2001)
  30. “All the same” (2002)
  31. “You can not hurt anymore” (2002)
  32. “Cold tears” (2004)
  33. “Time to Leave” (2004)
  34. “Alan must not forget” (2004)
  35. “Room for two” (2005)
  36. “Christmas Eve, Jubilee, Desire Christmas Carol” (2005)
  37. “I am remembered” (2006)
  38. “The Menton Is” (2007)
  39. “Unraveled” (2007)
  40. “How does it feel?” (2007)
  41. “I believe” (2008)
  42. “Love Is Power” (2010)
  43. “And I Sing” (2011)
  44. “Old Salt” (2011)
  45. “Day by Day” (2012)
  46. “Supernaiset” (2014)

Kaija Koo Albums

  • 1986 When the cigarettes are over
  • 1993 The wind shot
  • 1995 wind Chimes
  • 1997 Unihiekkamyrsky
  • 1998 Operation Gemstone
  • 1999 Tinakenkätyttö
  • 2002 Nothing is enough
  • 2004 Five minutes of silence
  • 2005 Christmas church
  • 2007 H-Hetki
  • 2010 Loose
  • 2014 Who teaches it
  • 2016 Your wife

Kaija Koo Nää Yöt ei Anna Armoo

Kai sä sen näät
mullon haavoja muillekin antaa
Mut niitä vanhoja säätöjä
ei tekis mieli ees muistaa
Siinä kun oot
niin ei toisille paikkoja jääkään
Kaksi on yhtä
ja kierre vie kiihtyen mennessään

Kuuntele mua
Oon oottanut sua
Kai ne laulo jo sen
mä oon rikkinäinen

Nää yöt ei anna armoo
Ja ilman sua ei oo
mulla henkee eikä elämää
Nää yöt ei anna armoo
ja huomista ei oo
na-na-nahkeen aamun värinää

Moottoritie ei oo se
joka täällä on kuumaa
Jos mulla on polte
niin sussa on kaikkea uutta
Vanno se mulle
et seuraat mua maailman ääriin
mä tänne en jää
tai mut naulataan porttien pieliin

Kuuntelen sua
Sä täydennät mua
mut kai ne laulo jo sen
sä oot myös rikkinäinen

nää yöt ei anna armoo…

nää yöt ei anna armoo
mut en just nyt sitä kaipaakkaan
en mitään aikaan saa
se vaan mua pitää paikallaan
siks tunnen itseni luuseriksi
tarvin kipeesti uuden fixin
oot kun huume
jonka riskit kasvaa yö yöltä suuremmiksi
mä vihaan et mä digaan susta
susta etsin pelastusta
mitähän sä oikeesti ees kelaat musta
en kaipaa säälii
sun rinnalle mä painan pääni
vaik yössä aina säädin
sun kaa mä meen maailman ääriin

nää yöt ei anna armoo…

Kaija Koo Tinakenkätyttö

Kaija Koo Supernaiset

Vapaa Kaija Koo

” Free ” is Kaija Koo’s song, which was released as the first single of her eleven studio album, Irti . The song is composed and written by the songwriter of the Apulanta band, Toni Wirtanen . The song was ranked first in both the single and the download list.

Vapaa Lyrics

Kaija Koo Kuka Sen Opettaa

Kaija Koo Kaunis Rietas Onnellinen

Beautiful rietas happy – The best 1980-2011 is the collection album of Kaija Koo , which appeared on 28 September 2011.  The collection exceeded the platinum auction in 2011 . It has sold over 35,000 copies.

The first single of the collection was the release of the song “Beautiful Reetas Happy” by Kaija Koo, who participated in the fall syllabus competition for 2011. A new song “Day by Time” was released in March 2011 as a single.

Kaunis Rietas Onnellinen Lyrics

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Kaija Koo Surulapsi

Kaija Koo Kuka Keksi Rakkauden

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Kaija Koo

Kaija Koo News

Kaija Koo is looking forward to new music – “Now, many things change”

Updated On: 19th February 2018

Kaija Koo’s goal is to make a “really good album”.

Kaija Koo , a Finnish rock star Kaija Koo , 55, is currently working on new music. Her first album, released in 2016, told Emma- gaala’s red carpet for that she is currently very excited about the upcoming album.

Kokkola presses, presses. Now we’re making a new fox, and I’m doing it pretty wildly. It would be a good idea to do – and now I do not use this rumor – a huge album and some great songs, Kaija Koo says.

His previous albums have contributed to the leading role of Finnish music as songwriters such as Paula Vesala, Ellinoora , Arto Tuunela and Toni Wirtanen . Kaija Koo says that he will have new partners in the upcoming album. However, he still does not agree to reveal the names.

– I have new producers, and I’m excited because now many things will change and become a different material, Kaija Koo says.

“I am at the core of humanity”
Kaija Koo received the Year’s Best Female Artist Award at the end of January at Iskelmä Gaala. For women, it was important that the recipient was selected by public vote. He is especially pleased that even after a long career he will receive prizes. The new generations also find Kaija Koo’s music one after the other, and in recent years, the woman has been a familiar sight not only in the concert halls, but also in festivals frequented by young people. Songs like Free and Beautiful, rietas, happy move people’s feelings and dancing in all age groups.

– It is perhaps telling that I am at the heart of some of humanity. I have noticed that my work is not a matter of indifference. Sometimes, perhaps younger, it may have seemed like a stupid profession this is, but this is a really important job, Kaija Koo characterizes.