Kanchan Koya

Kanchan Koya is a chef. In addition, she is also an author. 

NameKanchan Koya
Height5 feet 5 inches

Kanchan is a Ph.D. holder at molecular cancer biology. It is hard to believe the student of the medical field has an interest in cooking as well. She is mainly known for giving education on the positive aspects related to the natural species. 

Koya is the author of the book “Spice Spice Baby: 100 Recipes with Healing Spices for Your Family Table”. 


10 Facts on Kanchan Koya 

  1. Kanchan Koya’s age is not known. But as in 2020, she may be in her 30s. Her details on the birthday and the age is unknown. 
  2. The height of the author is similar to the average woman in America. She also seems to have a reasonable weight. In fact, being a mother of two children, her physique and body is quite maintained. 
  3. Koya’s net worth is still under review in 2020. But as a businesswoman and author, she no doubt must have earned a huge amount of money.
  4. Kanchan is a married woman. However, she has managed to keep her personal life wrapped. No details of her husband are found on the internet. 
  5. Koya is born to Indian parents but has not shared their names. However, she is close to her family and wants to raise her children as her parents did. 
  6. Koya completed her education in molecular biology from The University of Texas at Austin. Then she joined Harvard Medical school to gain her Ph.D. in the study of molecular biology.
  7. Kanchan has Indian nationality. 
  8. Koya is the founder of the Spice Spice Baby LLC. 
  9. Kachan’s book “Spice Spice Baby: 100 Recipes with Healing Spices For Your Family Table” is her breakthrough which inspires the use and benefits of the spices. 
  10. Kanchan has quite a huge fan following on social platforms. Her Instagram has 120 thousand followers while Twitter has 1350 followers.