LGBFJB Meaning and Community Is Making The Rounds On The Internet – What Does It Stand For?

There are plenty of acronyms when fans get perplexed about its meaning and origin. The term LGBFJB is taking over the internet.

All active users on social media may use acronyms to make the conversation shorter. While texting or interacting face to face with the person, we use a term like Wassup, TC, Gn, and many more.

Well, it is quite a unique acronym we are elaborating on now is “LGBFJB.”

According to Focus News, The acronym “Let’s Go Brandon” LGB memes have evolved to additional terms LGBFJB. In a nutshell, the actual meaning of the term LGBFJB is Let’s Go Brandon F*** Joe Biden. We will explain to you more about how the acronym formed and its meaning below.

What Is The Meaning And Community Of LGBFJB?

The meaning of #LGBFJB has different theories and tones in the homosexuality community and expressing dissatisfaction to the US president.

Apparently, the three-term LGB comes from the song “Let’s Go Brandon” by the artist Bryson Gray. The song has>Let’s Go, Brandon.”

Whatsoever, the term later evolved to LGBFJB which somehow expressed the dissatisfaction of the netizens to the US president Joe Biden. Seemingly it is a chant against sitting US President Joe Biden.

What Does LGBFJB Stand For?

As per the source, the acronym LGBFJB stands for Let’s Go Brandon F*** Joe Biden.

On October 21, 2021, the Republican politician from Florida, Bill Posey, ended his speech in the House saying the anti-Biden phrase.

If you joined the word “FJB” it sounds the speculation is true.

In contrast, the term LGBFJB has a slightly different meaning, it has homophobic undertones.

There are tons of tweets on Twitter with #LGBFJB. People support the words and some oppose them.

One user wrote: “LGBFJB. She is out. And She is proud.”

It has a long thread of tweets. Followed by other tweets adding they are “as straight as straight gets,” but still LGBFJB.

Another wrote #LGBFJB is an alphabet community that he could get behind. Some even joke sarcastically.

It’s all about how you make it. Maybe, after some days, the acronym comes with a new meaning and origin.

Stay with us for further details.