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Lil Tay Biography

Lil Tay (Claire Hope) is an american singer and controversial Social Media Personality, Instagram Star and emerging young rapper. The 9 year old rose to fame by making videos in which she bragged about purportedly owning expensive mansions and cars, dropping out of Harvard, and owning stacks and stacks of cash.

As she grew her account and brand, she collaborated with up-and-coming rappers, and leveraged her outsized on-screen personality to social media success. Earlier this year, videos of Claire smoking a hookah, hanging out with rapper Chief Keef, and dancing with YouTube provocateur Jake Paul, went viral — much to the delight of her millions of fans.

In June 2018, there was a stir online when she disappeared from the internet following a protracted battle between her estranged parents. Her Instagram account that was reportedly used to harass her parents has since been deleted.

Lil Tay Age | Lil Tay Birthday

Tay was born in early 2009. She is 9 years old as of 2019.

Who Are Lil Tays Parents | Lil Tay Mom And Dad | Lil Tay Family | Lil Tay Siblings

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Tay is the daughter of Christopher Hope and Angela. Her father Hope works as a civil litigator in Vancouver. Both parents are divided on Lil Tays future. Fans of the young influencer bombarded Hope with calls and messages, sending threats and asking him to leave his daughter alone — some of them threatening to kill him, his wife, and his two other children. This was after Tays reportedly went missing.

The harassment seemed to spread into Christopher’s personal circle. As a part of the campaign against Christopher, he said, friends and family members, including those of his wife, received harassing messages on Facebook, from accounts that appeared to be fake. Christopher believes the harassment is tied to what he thinks is best for his daughter. And he says it’s caused him to reconsider whether Claire — and her career — are actually in good hands.

“If none of this harassment had happened, [Claire] would probably be in Los Angeles right now doing what she wanted to do,” he said. “She would be [performing] music and acting. But they’ve just made it impossible to me to believe that she’ll be taken care of.” Angela, Tays mother has sued Christopher demanding custody of her daughter. She claims that he plays very little role in her life.

Lil has two siblings. Not much information is known about them though.

Lil Tay Dating

Lil is currently busy in her daily doings and is not seeing anyone. However the nine year old girl has now been a sensation on the internet and soon will be the crush of millions of fans around. Soon we might be seeing her with a boyfriend.

Lil Tay Brother | Lil Tay Woah Vicky

Tays brother is Woah Vicky and he is the one behind her social media accounts. One of Tays friend said”It’s her brother who runs her account. He’s like 16 and he be wilding, like telling her what to say and what to do,” “She don’t know what half the stuff means. It’s messed up.” A behind-the-scenes video of her brother telling Tay what to say later leaked online. Romors had it that it was her mother Angela who was behind her filming.

Lil Tay Songs | Lil Tay Albums

  • Trap so hard -2019
  • One Chance -2019
  • Pop That Pussy -2019
  • Fane -2018
  • Panties dripping wet -2018
  • Bread pussy -2018
  • Fuck on my dick -2018
  • Dopeman -2018
  • Digging in the pussy -2018
  • Expose My Dick -2018
  • Dickness -2018
  • Pussy Period -2018
  • Pussy Pad -2018
  • Holy Nigga -2018
  • Holly Suck My Dick -2018
  • Nutting in her mouth -2018
  • Legend Ass -2018
  • Sit the Pussy On My Dick -2018
  • Sucking Dick -2018
  • Draining Dry -2018
  • Coming In That Pussy -2018
  • Big Dick -2018
  • Believe Me -2018
  • Gaining Weight -2018
  • Bitch Suck My Dick -2018
  • Rip Jaleel -2018
  • Fuck Slut -2018
  • Period Blood on My Dick -2018
  • Freak Bitch -2017
  • Help -2016
  • Who said -2016

Lil Tay Fake | Lil Tay House

Lil has been exposed as a fraud who used her mom’s real estate listings as her houses and mom’s boss’ cars as her own. For the controversial social media personality, a lot has been fake (probably). Her fans also resulted to using using fake accounts to threaten her father whom they accused of meddling in his daughters affairs.

Lil Tay Fight | Lil Tay Flexing

On 18th April 2018, Tay was involved in a fight with Bhad Bhabie and Whoa Vicky. The video went viral within a day. After getting mass criticism, she uploaded a video dedicating her haters.

Lil Tay Instagram

Her account is currently deleted. However before she disappeared online, she had a huge following of more than 2.5 million followers.

Lil Tay Twitter

Lil has no Twitter account as of now. We hope she gets back online with a boom!

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