Lisa Gomez

Lisa Gomez, now going by the name Lisa Seda is a Life Coach who has inspired many lives. She is also known on the internet as Jon Seda’s wife. Jon Seda is an award-winning actor who is known for his works in movies and TV series such as The Pacific, Chicago P.D., Treme, and many more. 

Liza Gomez and her husband have been married for a very long time now. They also have four children and seem to be living a happy life together. 

NameLisa Gomez
ProfessionLife Coach
HusbandJon Seda
ChildrenJonathan Seda, Haley Seda, Jessica Seda, Madison Seda


10 Facts on Lisa Gomez

  1. Lisa Gomez’s age or birthday has not been revealed to the public yet. She currently lives together with her family in the United States. 
  2. She is a Life Coach and has been a source of motivation and inspiration for many people. She is a coach in institutes such as Be Your Story, and Co-Active. 
  3. Lisa Gomez’s husband is the award-winning actor Jon Seda. Jon was also previously a boxer and as an actor is known for his roles in Bullet to the HEad, Chicago Justice, Cutthroat, and more. 
  4. The couple held their wedding on the 4th of July 2000. They have been married for 2 decades now. 
  5. Lisa Gomez and husband Jon Seda have four children. They have a son named Jonathan Seda and three daughters named Haley Seda, Madison Seda, and Jessica Seda Pinto. 
  6. Lisa Gomez’s net worth has been kept under wraps currently. However, Jon Seda has an estimated net worth of $5 million. 
  7. The couple is very proud and loving towards their children. They both frequently post pictures of the family on their social media accounts. Their children also have their own accounts and are tagged on many posts. 
  8. Lisa Gomez’s Instagram is under the username “lisaseda_lifecoach”. She has more than 2K followers and also more than 1K posts on this account. 
  9. She can be contacted through the website of Be Your Story where she helps to encourage many individuals on their lives. She has also linked this website on her Instagram bio. 
  10. She joined Twitter in April 2009. Her account “Liz4Him” currently has more than a thousand followers.