Love And Hip Hop: Is Rasheeda Frost Pregnant Again?

Rasheeda Frost, one of the cast from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta admits she is pregnant. Scroll down to learn more about the truth. 

Frost is the wife of Kirk Frost and a current cast from the Tv reality show Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Rasheeda Frost from Love and Hip Hop Love is Pregnant Again?

Rasheeda Frost is an American rapper, fashion designer, businesswoman and Tv personality. She has currently hit the news headlines with the rumours of her pregnancy.

It has become the talk of the town. Rasheeda Frost who is currently 45 years old says that her body is showing the symptoms of pregnancy and she admits that she may be pregnant.

Earlier, she also shared that she and her husband Kirk are thinking of considering one more member to their family despite having conflicts while Rasheeda was pregnant in 2013. Following up on the claim, some netizens assume that she may be pregnant.

However, some viewers have different opinions and say that it must be a storyline for the upcoming episode for Rasheeda and Kirk. One of the viewers speculated that she could be going through menopause and not pregnant.

She is already 45 years old and it may be possible that the symptoms are of manopause but not pregnancy. Even judging from the photos she has shared on her Instagram since the filming finished, there are no signs of the baby bump unless she’s extremely skilled at hiding it.

On top of that, Rasheeda has not taken any pregnancy test that will confirm her pregnancy. To confirm her pregnancy, we will have to wait for another episode to air.

Rasheeda Frost Husband and Family Explored

Rasheeda Frost got married to Kirk Frost at the age of 23 in 1999. She had two children with Kirk Frost named Ky Frost and Karter Frost.

She gave birth to Ky Frost in 2000 and Karter Frost in 2013.

Rasheeda Frost Children- How Many Kids Does She Have?

Rasheeda Frost has two children with Kirk Frost. The recent rumors regarding her pregnancy have lead to the possibility of her having a third kid as well.

Rasheeda may be a mother of two children at present but her husband Kirk Frost is the father of seven children.

The five children of Kirk Forst are born out of wedlock or his affairs outside of his relationship. If the pregnancy of Rasheeda Frost is true, Kirk will be the father of 8 children.