Luca Attanasio Wife And Wikipedia: Family Facts To Know

Luca Attanasio is kept alive by his wife and children following his death in Congo Attack.

Luca was a journalist and an Italian ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was traveling with an Italian police officer in a UN convoy when he was kidnapped. Following his kidnapping, he was shot dead on the spot. However, no one has taken responsibility for shooting until now. 

Who is Luca Attanasio’s Wife? Everything on his family

Luca Attanasio was married to his wife, Zakia Seddikki. 

Moreover, Zakia is a founder and president of a humanitarian association called Mama Sofia. The organization has been helping street children’s to uplift their standards for over a decade. She is of Morrocan origin. 

Zakia and Luca share three children with each other, all of them are daughters. Besides, Seddikki has worked in several other North African countries with efforts to help street children.

Is Luca Attanasio on Wikiepdia?

Luca Attanasio doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. 

Known for his diplomatic qualities, Attanasio had got a lot of awards and recognitions for his work. He was present in most of the UN convoys over the years. Unfortunately, you won’t find his Twitter or Instagram account, neither his wife’s. However, he will always be in the hearts of many. 

How did the ambassador die?

He died when the UN convoy he attended came upon the fire. 

Luca Attanasio was traveling as a member of the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) to stabilize the struggle of the country. However, the convoy came under attack and he had to become a victim of it. Moreover, a 30-year-old Carabinieri officer, Victorio Lacovacci was also traveling with him who met the same fate. 

The Ministry’s press release suggests that Luca Attanasio died of “his wounds.” We forward our heartfelt condolences to his friends and family.