Lumakanda County Hospital Details, Services, Contacts and Facilities

Lumakanda County Hospital Description

Lumakanda District Hospital is a Government health centre which provides comprehensive medical and surgical services. It is located in Lumakanda Sub-location, Marakusi location, Lugari Division, Lugari Constituency in Kakamega County.

Lumakanda County Hospital Contacts

Type: County Hospital
Owner: Ministry of Health
Status: Operational
District: Lugari, Kakamega
Division: Lugari
Location: Marakusi
Sub-Location: Lumakanda
Constituency: Lugari
County: Kakamega

Address: P.O. Box 240
Postal Code: 50241
Town: Kipkaren
Nearest Town: Lumakanda

Email: [email protected]
Landline: 053206089
Mobile: 020-3551368
Fax: 053206089

Status: Operational
Number of Beds: 45
Number of Cots: 3

Lumakanda County Hospital Services:

                                Lumakanda County Hospital

  1. Antenatal
  2.  Antiretroviral Therapy
  3.  Basic Emergency Obstetric Care
  4.  Curative In-patient Services
  5.  Curative Outpatient Services
  6.  Family Planning
  7.  Growth Monitoring and Promotion
  8.  HIV Counselling and Testing
  9.  Home-Based Care
  10.  Immunization
  11.  Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses
  12.  Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV
  13.  Tuberculosis Diagnosis
  14.  Tuberculosis Labs
  15.  Tuberculosis Treatments

Overview of County Hospitals in Kenya

Hospitals in Kenya are classified commonly based on the agency that owns the health facility. The players in the health sector are the Government of Kenya, which manages public health institutions, faith-based organisation (FBOs), NGOs and private investors.

County Hospitals in Kenya should provide the following:

  1. Curative and preventive care and promotion of health of the people in the County ;
  2. Quality clinical care by a more skilled and competent staff than those of the health centres and dispensaries;
  3. Treatment techniques such as surgery not available at health centres;
  4. Laboratory and other diagnostic techniques appropriate to the medical, surgical, and outpatient activities of the County hospital;
  5. Inpatient care until the patient can go home or back to the health centre;
  6. Training and technical supervision to health centres; as well as a resource centre for health centres at each County hospital;
  7. Twenty-four-hour services;

The following clinical services are provided in County Hospitals in Kenya

  1. Obstetrics and gynaecology;
  2. Child health;
  3. Medicine;
  4. Surgery, including anaesthesia;
  5. Accident and emergency services;
  6. Non—clinical support services;
  7. Referral services;
  8. Contribution to the district-wide information generation, collection planning, implementation and evaluation of health service programmes.