Madison Cawthorn Wife: Wiki, Age Facts on American Politician

Madison Cawthorn’s wife has aroused the public’s interest, especially after Cawthorn won the primary race for Mark Meadow’s seat. Everyone seems more than interested to know about his wife. So, people have basically got their eyes on her.

And, why wouldn’t they? Anyone related to Cawthorn is definitely worth knowing about and the person we are talking about his wife. That is why we have come to you with all the information about her and more. And, some of these facts you find here might not be found someplace else. So, thank your lucky stars.

Who is Madison Cawthorn’s Wife?

We have been going on and on about her but who is she? Well, it would be more appropriate if we call her Cawthorn’s wife-to-be. And, her name is Cristina Bayardelle and she is an athlete. 

Both of them seem to be head over heels in love with each other. So, it comes as no shock that they are soon going to tie the knot and be married for good. Other than her passion for sports, she is currently studying to be an anesthesiologist. And, we came to know about through Cawthorn’s Instagram post.


In this way, both of them are each other’s support system. And, we are glad for them that they have found true love so early in life.

Does Madison Cawthorn have a Wiki Bio?

He definitely has a Wiki bio. And, it has all the basic information that you might want to know about. However, when it comes to his fiancee, Cristina, she does not have one right now. But, there is nothing to worry about because you can find a few details on her life too.

However, we know that is not going to suffice which is why we are here. Cristina is not just obsessed with sports but she seems to love to train. And, you can tell that by the way she has kept her body so fit. Trust us when we say this that fter looking at her, you might want to go and train too. That is how great her body is. 


Facts On American Politician Madison Cawthorn

American Politician, Madison Cawthorn has proved his worth after beating Lynda Bennett in the primary race for Mark Meadow’s former seat. At the age of just 24 years old, he has achieved many feats.

However, he has had some challenging times in his life as well. In the year 2014, he met an accident that changed his life forever. He was near to death but he survived but he was paralyzed after the unfortunate incident.


Nonetheless, he did not give up on his dreams. He worked hard and started serving as the CEO of a real estate investment company. Likewise, he radiates positivity and tells that he learned his biggest lesson from his accident. There is so much inspiration you can draw from this guy for real.

Is Madison Cawthorn Married?

He is not married yet but that is going to change soon as he is engaged to his girlfriend, Cristina Bayardelle. So, it won’t be long before we see them get married.

Who Are His Parents?

His parents seem very proud of him. And, they must be indeed very happy to witness his big win. His father is Roger Cawthorn who is a businessman. However, information on his mother is yet to be explored.


How Much Is His Net Worth As Of 2020?

His estimated net worth as of 2020 is yet to be reviewed. But since he is a successful real estate investor, we are pretty sure he has made fortunes by now.