Meet Bruce Harrell Wife Joanne Harrell – Here Is Everything You Need To Know About His Kids And family

Seatle mayor Bruce Harrell’s wife Joanne Harrell is the senior director of US Citizenship. Find more about the duo here.

Bruce Harrell is 63 years old attorney successive to Ed Murray.

He was elected as the Seatle Mayor on September 13, 2017, and has strengthened the state’s technological hold upfront.

Bruce’s wife Joanne herself as been working for the Microsoft company as the market development board.

She also served as the Brookens Institutional Congressional Fellow and worked as product manager for elite top-tier companies.

Who Is Bruce Harrell’s Wife Joanne Harrell?

Joanne Harrell married Bruce Harrell in 1992, and the pair have been inseparable since then, featuring their three young kids.

Joanne met Bruce when she obtained her bachelor’s and JD degree from the University of Washington and, as a side job, worked for the elite Microsoft.

Joanne has expertise in market analysis, trends setting, consumer trites, merchandise, feature management, and revenue maximization.

She served as the executive board member and service manager in many respected companies before being indicted as Microsoft’s market development board member in 1995/96.

Her core interest and passion is towards the upliftment of underprivileged communities and slum areas where she wants to set a rapidly growing local business startup.

She and her husband donated $100k in November 2021 to the underdeveloped communities for business investments.

Joanne did her business Masters from the University of Seatle.

She has gathered nearly 30 years of business experience and has served top companies, boosting a prestigious career resume.

She has been living with her husband and three kids in Seatle since 2007.

 A Brief Details On Bruce Harrell’s Kids

Bruce Harrell married Joanne in 1995, and the pair has three adorable kids to them.

Bruce is a proud father to his son Adam(27 years) and his daughter Joyce(25 years).

However, he married after having a child with Joanne, and therefore his foremost child is Evan Harrell(30 years old).

The kids stayed with their parents when they moved to Seatle post-Bruce’s involvement in the Attorney and County Council.

Explore Politician Bruce Harrell And His Sweet Family

On October 10, 1958, Bruce Harrell was born to parents Clayton Harrell and Rose Tamaye Harrell in Seatle city.

His father, Clayton, was an African-American citizen working for Seatle City Lights.

His mother, Rose Tamaye, was a mixed Japanese-American, and she was a proud housewife.

Bruce has been living with his parents, three children, and one grandchild from Evan in their Seatle residence.