Michael Gargiulo Wife And Family: ‘Hollywood Ripper’ Sentenced To Death For 2 Murder Charges

Michael Gargiulo, aka The Hollywood Ripper married to his wife Ana Luz Gonzale, is sentenced to death for his crimes. 

Michael Gargiulo is an American convicted felon who is accused of murdering over 10 women in a span of nearly 15 years.

He is a serial killer and rapist who used to stab his victims numerous times and sexually violate them sometimes before or sometimes after killing them.

Initially arrested for only two murders in California, he was sentenced to comparatively less time.

However, with further investigation and discovering of him being a serial killer and rapist, the sentences became much series and lengthened, leading to death row.

With the recent announcement of his charges, the public’s concerns regarding his wife, kids, and other personal details are at their peak.

Who Is Michael Gargiulo Wife Ana Luz Gonzalez? Details On His Kids

Michael Gargiulo is married to his wife, Ana Luz Gonzalez.

Since he was soon taken into custody after their marriage, it seems like she has already divorced him. However, there is no precise information regarding that.

Michael married Ana in the year 2007, and she had no idea regarding what her husband was. Just about a year after their wedding, Michael was arrested for the counts of murders and rape.

Moreover, Michael never had any children. He was not married for that long, and as per history, he was not good with women since all of his victims were females.

Michael Gargiulo Age: How Old Is The Hollywood Ripper?

The age of the Hollywood Ripper, also known as Michael Gargiulo, is 45 years old.

He was born on February 15, 1976, in Northfield Township, Illinois, United States, to his parents.

Also, he had 6 siblings with whom he grew up.

Michael Gargiulo Death Sentence

Michael Gargiulo has been sentenced to death on July 16, 2021, which is just a couple of days ago.

He is sentenced for the murder of 10 women. However, sources have reported that this number goes way high since not all cases are discovered.

Out of all of his know cases, he has attacked more than 10 people, and out of them, 1 has survived.

Well, not just murder, but also raping his victims or sometimes the victims’ corpses is also a charged to his case.

He was only charged with 2 murders in California since the only evidence for his murders was DNA evidence.

With the statements of many other people related to this case, finally, the decision has been taken, and he is getting charged for all his homicides and rapes.

Michael, hence, is sentenced to die after about 13 years of his initial prosecution.