Michael Isabella

Michael Isabella was the former chef and TV celebrity. He owned multiple restaurants in Washington. However, that didn’t last long as he was forced to close his eateries.

Moreover, Mike was accused of sexual harrasment and these allegations bankrupted him and his stardom. Here are the 10 interesting facts that you need to know about him. 

NameMichael Isabella
Age45 years
ProfessionCelebrity Chef
WifeStacey Nemeth

10 Facts on Michael Isabella

  1. Michael Isbella was a chef and TV personality known for his role in “Top Chef.” He is originally from Italy. Meanwhile, he resides in Washington DC, United States. 
  2. Moreover, the chef has a wife, Stacey Nemeth. The couple tied the knots in 2009. Their weeding ceremony was held on Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States. 
  3. However, Isabella doesn’t have a wikipedia biography dedicated to him yet. But he has his biography written on Imdb. 
  4. Also, his other members of the family are still in shadow. There isn’t any information about his children if he has any. Similarly, his parents are also unknown.
  5. However, He was inspired on being a chef from his grandmother.
  6. His net worth as of now is about $1 million. But it used to be in millions before his restaurant empire in DC was destroyed. 
  7. Mike Isabella was known for his eatery all over the D.C. He owned several restaurants all around the america. But later he was bankrupted. 
  8. It was because his former manager filed a case against him on sexual harrasment. The case affected his empire of the restaurants which decreased his total value from Millions to nothing. 
  9. Apparantly, Mike had drinking habit from the age of 13. His childhood was not among the flowers and all. This resulted the conflicts between the employee and finally his empire was broken down. 
  10. After his allegations, there are rumors that he started cooking on small scale in Florida in 2019. However, his incident is one of the extraordinary bankruptcy ever happened in America.