MLB: Meet Freddie Freeman Dad Fred And Mom Rosemary -Meet Him On Instagram

Freddie Freeman’s parents must be proud of him as he is a five-time MLB all-star, is a Canadian-American professional. Learn more about him.

Fredrick Charles Freeman, often called Freddie Freeman is 32 years old baseball player, happens to be the father of 3 children Maximus Turner Freeman, Brandon John Freeman, and Fredrick Charles Freeman II.

He is the man to bring home Gold Globe Award, Silver Slugger Award, and Nation League’s Most Valuable Player Award which happened in 2018, 2019, and 2020 respectively.

His professional career started when Atlanta-Braves selected him in the second round of MLB Draft 2007. He holds both Canadian and American citizenship.

Meet Freddie Freeman, Dad Fred And Mom Rosemary

Freddie Freeman was born to his dad Fred Freeman and his mom Rosemary Freeman On September 12, 1989, in Fountain Valley, California.

His parents belong to Ontario, Canada, Peterborough, and Windsor, being the respective hometown of his mother and father. He lost his beloved mother because of Melanoma, a type of skin cancer, at the age of 10.

He grew up with his elder brothers Andrew and Phillip. In the off-season, he moves to California to live in his parental house and travels back to Atlanta during baseball season.

Freddie Freeman Wife And Married Life

Freddie Freeman married his wife Cleasea Goff in 2014. She is a wonderful woman. She runs an e-commerce website in the name of her husband and sells everything related to baseball.

Apart from being the magical wife and reason behind Freddie’s success, she is raising three of their sons. Her younger sons are twins.

On the other hand, their married life is incredible. The bonding and love that they share have made them one of the best celebrity couples.

Meet Freddie Freeman On Instagram

Freddie Freeman has 326k followers, 107 following, and 44 posts on his Instagram. He is pretty active on social media. His Instagram post can depict his remarkable family life more clearly.

The athlete making 12 million USD in 2016 does not seem to be spending his money on a luxury. He rather enjoys his leisure time with family and friends.

Likewise, his eldest son seems to be following his path and will probably enter baseball in the future.

How Tall Is Freddie Freeman?

Freddie Freeman is a tall guy with a height of 1.96 meters, i.e., almost 6 feet and 5 inches.

Another sportsman Carson Branstine is his cousin, who happens to be a tennis player and model.