Moses Obeid Wife Nicole Obeid: Their Married Life Insights

Moses Obeid and his wife Nicole Obeid are together for years now. Read below to learn about their married life insights and more.

Moses, whose full name is Edward Moses Obeid, is a former politician from Australia. The retired Australian politician is also linked with a mine license conspiracy involving his parents.

Moses, a member of the Labor Party, worked for the New South Wales Legislative Council from 1991 to 2011.

Obeid, alongside his father Eddie and Ian Mcdonald, was found guilty of rigging tender and corruption.

Moses Obeid Wife: About Nicole Obeid

Moses Obeid’s wife is Nicole Obeid.

Not much is known about Nicole as she stays away from media in general. For the most part, the two have kept their personal lives private.

With the legal case going against Moses, his children and wife face difficulties too. They could as well lose everything they have.

Moses Obeid Age: How Old Is He?

Moses Obeid’s age is 52 years old.

Nevertheless, the former politician’s birthdate remains a mystery.

Moses Obeid Net Worth

Moses Obeid’s net worth is in the millions.

At the time, his exact net worth is not available.

ABC reported that Obeid and his family made over $30 million from the deal they rigged. Corruption runs deep in the family, and it is unknown how much money they have laundered.

Moses Obeid Wikipedia Bio

Moses Obeid does not have a bio on Wikipedia unlike his father Eddie Obeid.

Obeid’s parents are Judith and Eddie Obeid. Eddie is currently 77 years old. Moses has 8 siblings in his family, and he is the middle child.

The verdict on the corruption case is yet to be reached.

The decision of whether to put the three in detention will be held by September. In the year-long trial that took place, Justice Elizabeth Fullerton heard from more than 30 witnesses.