Neway Debebe Biography, Music , photos And songs.

Neway Debebe Biography

Neway Debebe was Born In the rural part of Ethiopia in Hamer Bako, Asela singer he started music while attending Ras Andarge high school. He made a huge contribution to the school band.

Having acquired a great deal of music experience while playing in the school band, he moved to Addis Ababa to make his dreams come true. While in Addis Ababa he joined Ambassador Theatre which was organized by Ato Tesfaye Lema later he joined Ras Theatre’s traditional band.

Neway Debebe Photo

Neway Debebe Music

He released his first album in the 1970s with Roha Band which was recorded by Tango Music Shop. Neway Debebe has released six albums and has featured on other albums by fellow artists. Debebe lived in the U. S. for 16 years making his life and work there. He moved back to Ethiopia in 2007. Neway Debebe has been described as possessing a “voice of silk”.

A protégé of poet Tilahoun Gessesse, Debebe first attracted attention as the lead vocalist of The Roha Band, a tradition-rooted Ethiopian pop band that has supplied accompaniment on more than two hundred and fifty recordings by such top-ranked Ethiopian vocalists as Aster Aweke, Tilahoun Gessesse, and Mahmoud Ahmed. Debebe has also performed with Three Flowers, a group he shares with Tsegaye Eshetu and Areghagn Warsash.

Neway Debebe’s wife

Neway Debebe’s wife is Dita Aida Hasen who donated her kidney to her daughter, she speaks about Tovia and the work her family has been doing with 65 kids, many of whom are orphans since 2006. A good number of the children have graduated from university.

The young adults who were beneficiaries of the assistance of Neway wife and family have now received degrees in accounting, nursing, and engineering.

Many who did not meet the college entrance exam levels in their exams have been registered in vocational training including hotel management, hair styling, and others.

She speaks at length about how anyone can start helping children, starting from their neighborhoods. Providing clothing, helping with school fees, paying for hospital bills are some of the things that she recommends.

She also advises working with friends for support and encouragement, especially in the beginning. Watch this video for an inspiring long-term philanthropy project from the family of one of Ethiopia’s most popular singers.

Neway Debebe Songs

1. Yefikir Gedam

2. Yetikimt Abeba

3. Yamral Tiletish


4. Egnaw Enitarek

5. Maebel New

6. Ye-Fikir Emebet


7. Swedish Eweki

8. Here Nat Habte

9. Ye Ayne Abeba Nesh


10. Teteyeki Was

11. Lalkedash Kal Alebign

12. Yegna Loga


13. Wuletash Alebign

14. Ayaya

15. Afar Gemalitua

16. Yetikimt Abeba, Neway Debebe

17. Yalefku Endehone