Nikki wa Pili Wikipedia Age: Learn Everything About The Musical Artist

Nikki wa Pili is a professional rapper and singer who is still yet to have his own Wikipedia page, and his girlfriend is pretty mysterious.

Nikki wa Pili is one of the famous Tanzanian rappers.

He is now marked as the top 6 rappers who have gained a lot of appreciation in the rap genre. 

Nikki has created many songs by himself. Some of his best songs are Kanifuata, Mavindo, Calabash, Chuchu, and Dede. 

Nikki wa Pili Wikipedia Explored

Nikki wa Pili Wikipedia is still not created as of now.

Looking at Nikki’s growth, we could say that he might soon have his Wikipedia. 

Nikki hails from the country of Tanzania. He has been mention as the most earning rapper in the industry, seeing his achievements. 

He was also in the famous rap band known as Weusi. Weusi is one of the popular rap bands in Tanzanian. 

Some of the channel appearances made by Nikki are Joh Makini, CountryBOY, and Moni Centro zone. 

What Is Nikki wa Pili Age: How Tall Is He? 

Nikki wa Pili’s age is expected to be around 20-30 years old.

Nikki has not yet revealed his exact age and has kept it a secret.

Looking at his videos and Instagram post, we could say that he is a young boy in his 20s. 

Nikki has a height of around 5 feet and 5 inches. His exact measurements are still yet to be recovered. 

Nikki wa Pili Girlfriend: Is He Dating?

Nikki wa Pili seems to be an independent man with no relationships. 

He also has no history of past relationships and dating.

Nikki seems to be too concentrated on his work as a musical artist. 

The young boy still has to find his love and is single. 

Nikki wa Pili Instagram: Details On His Net Worth 

Nikki wa Pili’s Instagram account has over 4.9 million Instagram followers. 

He is one of the famous people with 2.6k posts on Instagram. He also has a Twitter account with over 442.1k followers. 

He also has a youtube channel with over 32.5k followers. He uploads all his new upcoming videos into this channel.

According to the ea feed, Nikke’s net worth is estimated to be around $300,000.

His source of earning is his music video over the different social media platforms.