No Ashleigh Barty Is Not A Lesbian- Meet Her Partner Garry Kissick On Instagram

Ashleigh Barty’s lesbian rumors got disproved after Garry Kissick, an upcoming golfer, came out as her boyfriend. Let’s learn more about the two.

Ashleigh Barty is an Australian professional tennis player. She is recognized as the newest winner of Wimbledon since she got her first victory recently. 

After this victory, she has become the number 1 player in the world and gained a lot of public attention, which is obvious. 

However, all the attention she gets is not always about something professional. Sometimes, her sexuality, relationships, and partners also contribute to her popularity. 

Hence, concerns regarding if she is a lesbian or if not, how is her partner and similar questions are always roaming around in netizen’s minds. 

Is Ashleigh Barty Lesbian?: Her Partner Garry Kissick

No, Ashleigh Barty is not a lesbian. 

Also, there is no proper reason why people are questioning her sexuality because she has never stated or done anything that might make people doubt she is gay.


Indeed, Barty does have a partner Garry Kissick, who is a professional golfer and PGA Trainee. 

He is with Ashleigh since late 2016 and they made their relationship public in the year 2017. 

They are also seen together in Ashleigh’s matches since he has become her personal advisor and ballboy. 

Considered as one of the most normal couples by many, Ashleigh and Garry are a sensational duo on the internet. 

Is Ashleigh Barty Married?

No, Ashleigh Barty does not seem like she is married yet. 

She is in a very good relationship with her partner Garry Kissick but she has never mentioned anything about their marriage. 

And, neither is there any evidence that could prove that they got married. 

Ashleigh Barty Ethnicity

Ashleigh Barty belongs to an indigenous community and ethnicity. 

However, there are no details about her ethnicity except for the fact that she has indigenous heritage. 

Her exact ethnic community or indigenous group has not been revealed yet.

The majority of Australian indigenous groups belong to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, so she might be one of these ethnicities.