Olympics: Is Crispin Duenas Filipino? Everything To Know About The Recurve Archer

Crispin Duenas represents Canada in the international stage of archery. But what is his ethnicity, is he a Filipino?

Crispin Duenas is precisely known to be the recurve archer. He is a world-class athlete with successful national and international career in archery.

Competing in the several stages of archery in the world, he is focused on bringing the gold to the Canadian team in archery in the Tokyo Olympics. Further, Duenas is considered to be the best Canadian archer who has already represented Canada in three different Olympics.

Also, he had competed in 4 Pan American Games and is a gold medalist in men’s individual and team events in Lima 2019.

Started in the year 2000 to play archery, Crispin holds 24 national records.

Duenas became the first person in 42 years to win the medal for Canada in an individual recurve event in the 2013 World Archery Championship which helped to cement his position to be the finest Canadian recurve archer.

Is Crispin Duenas Filipino? His Parents Nationality Revealed

Crispin Duenas is a Canadian-born athlete, however; he comes from a Filipino heritage.

Duenas was born to Filipino parents who immigrated to Canada before he was born.

His father Rolando Duenas and mother Helena Jacinto Duenas were known to leave the Philippines and migrated to Canada in 1977.

Meanwhile, the North York, Ontario-born Crispin has stated that he was absolutely proud of his Filipino heritage.

He holds the nationality of Canada.

Crispin Duenas Wife And Age Details

Crispin Duenas is married to his wife Lauren Kates Duenas.  

She is known to be from Florida, USA, currently residing with her husband Crispin in Toronto, Canada. Lauren holds a Masters in Historic Preservation and Bachelor of Arts in English degrees from the University of Florida.

Currently working as a Clinical Trial Associate in Linical Americas, she has revealed herself being relocated to Toronto in 2017. Besides, she is also an archer who is an experienced coach for introductory level, grassroots programs, and tournament planning.

Regarding the details of Crispin and Lauren’s marriage, they have not opened about their special day as of now. Further, they are yet to become parents as well.

Crispin Duenas’s age is 35 years old. He was born in 1986 and celebrated his birthday on the 3rd of January every year.

With the given date of birth, he is known to hail the zodiac sign of Capricorn. He was 13-years-old when he was drawn to archery.

Crispin Duenas Net Worth

The net worth of Crispin Duenas is between $1 million to $4 million.

Duenas is a respected and well-known name in archery and given his experience of being a professional archer for more than a decade, he is believed to earn a handsome amount.

Besides being a gold medalist, he is also a high school teacher in Physics and Mathematics.