PC Claire Bond: Everything To Know about Pride Of Britain Award Winner

PC Claire Bond is a police constable from the United Kingdom. She has served her country very well and also risked her life many times. She is one of the brave policewomen you can witness. Her bravery is praised by everyone and her country and her family are very proud of her works.

According to the latest news, Bond has been honored with the Pride of Britain Award. She received this award because of her bravery. More precisely, she once stopped a driver who was out-of-control by risking her own life. Know some more about this brave woman from the facts below.

NameClaire Bond
Age47 years
ProfessionPolice Constable

10 Facts On PC Claire Bond

  1. PC Claire Bond is a brave policewoman and the Pride of Britain 2020 award winner from England.
  2. According to some sources on the internet, Clair is 47 years of age as of 2020. But there is no information available about her birthday.
  3. Claire is a citizen of England and she holds British nationality. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find detailed information about her whereabouts.
  4. Bond is a married woman. She is married to her husband Darren. More information about her husband is unknown.
  5. Talking about family, Claire is the mother of 4 children. Despite being the mother of 4, she risked her life during her work. She is definitely praiseworthy.
  6. Since the wiki page of Claire is not available, information about her biofacts is also unknown.
  7. She risked her life while stopping a 26-years old drug dealer. You can know about the incident in detail by clicking here.
  8. After she recovered from the injury of the incident, she became part of a charity named Care of Police Survivors along with her husband.
  9. Working as a PC, Claire might make a decent income. But her salary details and net worth info are not revealed.
  10. Claire is not active on any social media platform.