Phucomol TikTok Video Explained: Itsyadinma aka The Shenanigan Twins

Phucomol is the video that skyrocketed the fame and popularity of TikTokers Itsyadinma and her little sister Brittni. The two have a combined TikTok account that has gone viral following their video. 

The stars’ account has blown up since they posted the video. The siblings have started their own trend in 2020 after uploading the clip, in fact, they have become viral sensations in their own right. 

Who Are Itsyadinma And Brittni?

The sibling duo, are the latest TikTokers to go viral on the platform due to their Phucomol video. They do a lot of things together and post videos about it on their joint channel. 

The sisters do everyday tasks and make it look fun while using a track and uploading it to TikTok, many of their videos have grossed over a million views. 

Itsyadinma And Brittni were especially active during the Black Lives Matter movement. Their joint account has over 102.k followers as of July 2020 and their videos have been liked more than 2.6 million on TikTok. 

Most of their videos are incredibly funny and the big sister uses self-deprecating humor to make everyday situations funny and her little sister is her aid in all of this. 

The Sisters Have Individual Accounts On Instagram

Yadinma Nwaiwu who is the bigger sister has an account on Instagram which has over 4,400 followers as of July 2020. She had a lot fewer followers but her count is increasing day by day due to the recent popularity on TikTok.

She has over 575 posts on Instagram and most of them are TikToks too. Nwaiwu’s bio/ info on the social media platform reads that she is one half of ‘theshenanigantwins’. 

Brittni has also amassed a considerable following of people on her social media accounts. 

The sisters have their combined channel on TikTok where they make diverse videos, while most TikTokers make themselves look good using filters and other techniques, the sisters spread a message of being comfortable in their own skin via their videos. 

Unlike some of the biggest names on the platform, they rarely take part in beauty challenges and other trends related to them, instead, they make TikToks using their drawbacks as humor. 

In fact, the bigger sister is a bit “overweight” but she uses that as humor and doesn’t shy away from who she is. Indeed a recurring message in their videos is a positive self-image. 

Similarly, they also have a joint Instagram account, they have more than 600 followers on the account. However, they are not too active there as they have only posted 6 videos. 

Their recent popularity means that they will have lots more followers in the coming days.