Pick Me Girl TikTok Meaning Explained: What Does It Mean On Urban Dictionary

The Pick Me Girl trend on TikTok is storming the video networking platform at the moment. 

Learn what “Pick me Girl” really means and check if you belong to the category or anyone you know does. 

TikTok has become a significant social networking site for younger internet users. The amount of customization it offers is simply outrageous, it’s like you can create your own world with your own imagination on the platform. 

Hence, it is not a surprise that the Chinese media network is getting more and more popular every day despite many countries banning the app. Thousands of videos get circulated among over 800 million users on TikTok every day. So, it is never short of trends and challenges. 

Pick Me Girl TikTok Meaning Explained!

Pick Me Girl trend is making quite a mark on Tiktok. For people who don’t know what it means, Pick Me Girl signifies a girl who seeks attention from guys and does weird stuff to get it. 

The phrase is directly meant to those girls who shame other girls to show that they are special so that they can get guys. You can imagine a high school scene in most American movies. 

What Does It Mean On Urban Dictionary?

Urban Dictionary defines it as “a girl who goes out of their way to impress boys and make them seem that they’re “not like other girls” kind of like a simp but for girls. 

So basically, it is a phrase that is used to address those girls who act what they are not so that they can impress guys. 

How did Pick Me Girl get famous on TikTok? Quizzes and Memes

The term “Pick Me Girl” got famous on TikTok with creators doing an impersonation of such girls. The satirical video boosted within a short period of time as many people liked them. 

As a result, several memes and even quizzes can be found on Tiktok. Most of those videos are created by popular creators.