Qwestakufet Age Real Name: How Old Is He?

Musical artist Qwestakufet is getting popular with his increasing age. He has earned more fame in his middle age as compared to his popularity in his youth.

Qwestakufet is a South African rapper, dancer, and actor. Recently he has been gaining public attention for being the owner of 4 Billion Records, an independent South African record label.

His record label empowers new African artists.

Qwestakufet’s Age And Height Explored

Qwestakufet has never publicly discussed his age and birthdate.

There is also no information on his height and measurements.  

Judging from his photos, he seems to be in his mid-40s. He was born in Tswane, South Africa.

Once he turned 15, Qwestakufet moved to Molapo, Soweto, where he began his musical career.

He seems to have a decent height though the exact figure of his height is not known.

What Is His Real Name?

Qwestakufet’s real name is Lucky Mafoko.

He has released a couple of singles with his original name. 

However, he soon changed his stage name to Qwestakufet. He uses the name “Qwestakufet” on all of his social media accounts.

He is active on Twitter under the Twitter handle @qwestakufet. He has listed his skills on his Twitter bio and summed it up by writing, “I am a man of many talents” at last. 

Qwestakufet is also active on Instagram. He has over 160k followers on the platform.

Qwestakufet’s Estimated Net Worth

There are no details on Qwestakufet’s net worth.

He has been active in the South African music industry for a long time. He has given many hits and won many awards. Besides that, Qwestakufet has also amassed an impressive number of fans of his own.

Thousands of them participate in his concert and buy his albums. 

It is safe to say that his net worth might be in the millions.