Rapper Lul Tim Shot 6 Times- Is Timothy Leeks Dead? Update And Details To Know

Rumors regarding rapper Lul Tim getting shot 6 times in the chest are widely spreading across the web and media. So, is he dead? Here’s an update.

Timothy Leeks, professionally known as Lul Tim, is an American rapper who is recognized more for conviction of a felony rather and any songs of his.

On November 6, 2020, the famous American rapper King Von was shot dead and Lul was the prime suspect for the case.

Indeed, he was arrested for the fatal shooting of King Von but he was bailed out for $100,000, reportedly by his associate Quando Rondo.

Now, there have been several rumors regarding the 22-year-old alleged murderer and rapper getting shot in his chest.

Even though nothing is confirmed yet, there are theories regarding this matter, which has gathered a huge audience on the web and media.

After this news regarding the shooting and the news of the late rapper King Von being involved in a 2017 murder case, the public seems concerned regarding Lul.

Lul Tim Shot 6 Times- Is Timothy Leeks Dead?

As mentioned, there are heavy rumors regarding the fatal shooting of rapper Lul Tim.

Many have reported that Lul has been shot 6 times in his chest and he is dead. However, there are no official sources that have provided any information regarding this matter.

Since all this is based on rumors, we cannot make any claims on if he is alive or not.

Some netizens have said that he is surely killed and it is revenge for the murder of King Von.

However, this still just sounds like a rumor. Also, the last Lul posted was about 3 days ago, so this rumor has a possibility of being true.

Hence, it looks like we have to wait for any official source to provide insight regarding the real matter.

Lul Tim Age And Net Worth Revealed

Lul Tim’s age is currently about 22 years old.

However, his exact date of birth is not revealed yet. We have estimated his age on the basis that he was 22 about 4 months ago, according to an article in March of 2021.

Lul Tim might have a net worth of about $50,000.

Since he is a rapper but also a convicted felon, he does not have a lot of fans currently. However, he is associates with come other rappers, he should have a net worth of about fifty thousand dollars.

Lul Tim Wife And Family

Lul Tim most probably does not have a wife yet.

Since he is just 22 and has a complex past, he most certainly is not married yet. Furthermore, he has not even mentioned his girlfriend or past relationships.

He has never posted anything regarding his partner on his social handles, so extracting information is even more challenging.