Reddit: Who Is John Doe Blackhawks? Is Kyle Beach The Accuser?

Kyle Beach is a Canadian Ice hockey player who plays as a winger. Is He the John Doe who accused Brad Alrich?

The Brad Alrich sexual assualt case has gone to a different level after a law firm Jenner and Block published a report on the case. The report included some big names of the Blackhawks executives.

Following the investigation, the National Hockey League has made abundantly clear that anyone involved in those accusations will no longer be part of the league. As a result, General Manager, Stack Bown and Vice-President, Al MacIssac are fired.

Kyle Beach: Is He The John Doe Brad Alrich Accuser?

Kyle Beach might be the Brad Alrich accuser. Let’s discuss the possibility.

The NHL revealed the details of the player who accused Brad Alrich of sexual assault. However, the league hasn’t mentioned the name of the John Doe. But if we look at further details, it may as well be Kyle Beach.

In 2010, Brad Alrich sexually assaulted a 20-year-old newly promoted player who played in the championship. And Kyle Beach was 20 years old at the moment and he was promoted at the same year.

Also, further details say that the John Doe had to leave the club immediately after alleged sexual assault. And Kyle did leave the team and the league after 2010.

However, there is no certain confirmation that Kyle Beach is actually the John Doe. We will update you with more details as soon as we find out.

The Brad Alrich Sexual Assault Case: Everything To Know

Blackhawks’s coach Brad Alrich sexually assaulted a young player during his managing time in 2010.

According to the accuser, Alrich would call him “fa***t” and asked to please him sexually. The Blackhawks went to win the Stanley Cup in the very year.

Even during the celebrations, the manager would inappropriately touch other players. He resigned after the allegations were made but the details were not public then.

But now, a law firm Jenner and Block published report that included big names like Stan Bowman and Al MacIssac. They are now fired from the league.

Kyle Beach In 2021: Where Is He Now?

Kyle Beach is still playing hockey and he plays in the Slovak league.

The 31-year-old is exclusively based in Europe and is currently associated with the Hungarian team, DVTK Jegesmedvek.

Unfortunately, we don;t have any details on his family and girlfriend at the moment.