Rob Mello

Rob Mello is the son of a Traffic Manager based in Everett, Massachusetts where his parents raised him. Rob was born in Boston, Massachusetts alongside his five siblings and he is the youngest among them all. Mello is an actor who has worked in a few movies with small roles in his career so far.

NameRob Mello
Height6 feet 1 inches
ParentsJohn and Elizabeth Mello

John Mello and Elizabeth Mello are the parents of the actor, Rob Mello. The mother of the actor had her own house cleaning business which helped his family financially. Mello is best known for his role as John Tombs in the Blumhouse breakout film, Happy Death Day.

10 Facts on Rob Mello:

  1. Since Rob Mello has no Wikipedia, his exact date of birth is unknown to the public yet. But he was born in the year 1971.
  2. At the age of 49 years, Rob has long black hair with black eyes and a slim body. He stands at the height of 6 ft 1 inch while other body measurement details are not available.
  3. On the personal details of Rob, he has kept the information very secret, so no one knows if he has a girlfriend or not.
  4. On Instagram, Rob has 1.1k followers and his username is therobmello. The actor is also available on Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Mello attended Catholic school and he graduated in the year 1993. He also participated in the Drama Club playing the lead role as Walter Hollander in “Don’t Drink The Water”.
  6. After graduation, Rob joined the United States Marine Corps and he served as Shore Party for the sake of his country.
  7. The actor became a 4-time rifle expert and gained significant combat training before his honorary discharge in 1997.
  8. Rob has played a villain in most of his movies but in real life, he is a sweet and humble person according to cast members.
  9. The actor is a proud member of SAG/AFTRA and he currently resides in New Orleans, Los Angeles.
  10. The salary and net worth of Rob Mello in 2020 are still unknown.