Roles That Launched Aaron Eckhart To Worldwide Recognition and Other Facts About The Actor

Aaron Eckhart is an American actor who has built a reputation as one of the highly respected movie stars in the USA. Having started his career by performing in school plays, Eckhart has since gone ahead to establish himself as an actor to watch with appearances in dozens of movies and TV series, gaining critical acclaim and winning a few accolades along the way.

The actor has bagged many awards and nominations during his career and is admired for his versatility with which he has stunned critics. Some of his most successful works including Erin Brockovich as well as Thank You for Smoking and The Dark Knight among others.

‘Erin Brockovich’ Was The Stepping Stone To Aaron Eckhart’s Hollywood Success

Aaron Eckhart started his acting career in 1992. It is noteworthy that at the onset of his acting career, he was actually an underdog for a while as he relentlessly hustled for work but often had to make do with minor roles in series and commercials.

Eventually, the actor got his big break in 2000 when he scored the role of George in Erin Brockovich, an American biographical film which also starred Julia Roberts. The movie debuted to very positive reviews from critics and won many awards, including an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award, and 3 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

The popularity and huge success of the film helped to make the stars of the movie popular as well. Aaron Eckhart’s role of George in the movie received critical acclaim making him a lot more visible in the industry and giving him an inroad into other roles. It was the stepping stone he had craved to achieve success in the industry.

The World Certainly Took Notice of Him After ‘Thank You for Smoking’ 

After his performance in Erin Brockovich, Aaron Eckhart began landing roles in other commercially successful productions. In 2005, he landed one of his most popular roles when he was cast to play Nick Naylor in Thank You for Smoking, an American satirical black comedy film.

The film received great reception upon its debut as critics gave mostly positive reviews. It also went on to become the 14th highest-grossing political satire film, bagging nominations from different award-giving bodies, including two from the Golden Globes.

Aaron Eckhart’s performance was hailed by critics who described it as ‘a brilliantly smarmy lead performance’ His performance was so good that he was nominated for different awards, including a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, an Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead, and a St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor. The movie certainly announced Eckhart to the world as an incredibly talented actor who could compete at the highest level.

After playing the role of Nick Naylor in Thank You for Smoking, Eckhart landed other roles in highly talked about movies like the 2006 neo-noir crime thriller film, The Black Dahlia where he starred as Lee Blanchard. That same year, he played Truck Stop Patron in The Wicker Man and in 2007 starred in No Reservations, a romantic comedy-drama film which happens to be a remake of Mostly Martha, a 2001 German romantic comedy.

‘The Dark Knight’ Cemented Aaron Eckhart’s Place Among The Greats

In 2008, Aaron Eckhart landed yet another mainstream role when he was cast to play Harvey Dent in the Batman superhero movie, The Dark Knight. This would be one of his biggest roles.

The Dark Knight was a very successful movie and it debuted to huge accolades. In fact, it became the highest-grossing film of 2008 and is widely considered to be one of the best superhero films ever made. It garnered so many awards, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a BAFTA Award, a People Choice Award, and dozens of others.

For his role, Aaron Eckhart got a lot of praise from critics and even got several nominations for awards, including a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor and a Scream Award for Best Villain. He also shared a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cast with other castmates.

Eckhart has since gone on to star in other highly acclaimed movies. In 2010, he played the role of Howie in the popular drama, Rabbit Hole. The next year, he played Sgt. Michael Nantz in Battle Los Angeles and in 2013 portrayed President Benjamin Asher in Olympus Has Fallen. 2016 saw him reprise the role of Benjamin Asher in London Has Fallen. He then played Arthur Bretnik in Wander in 2020.

Eckhart Enjoyed a Whirlwind Romance With Emily Cline

Aaron Eckhart’s life is not all about making movies and being a star actor, it is also about loving and being romantic. The actor is not married yet but he has been in some romantic relationships that we know about. His first recorded romantic relationship was with Emily Cline, an American actress who is known for her work in the 1997 Canadian-American black comedy film, In the Company of Men.

How The Two Met Eachother

Interestingly, Aaron Eckhart and Emily Cline met on the set of the movie, In the Company of Men. They got stricken with each other and became very close. After the movie, they kickstarted a relationship. Their dalliance was really intense as they even took it to the level of an official engagement.

Eckhart proposed to Cline in 1997 and she happily accepted to be his wife. However, in a dramatic turn of events, they called off the engagement in 1998 and parted ways.

Eckhart Moved on to Date Kristyn Osborn 

After moving on from Emily Cline, Aaron Eckhart met American singer and songwriter Kristyn Osborn, who is known for being a member of SHeDAISY, an American country music group. The two started dating in 2006 but were not together for too long before the whole thing ended.

He Appeared In Her Music Video While They Were Together

Aaron Eckhart and Osborn were so much in love that the actor even made an appearance in the music video of her group’s track titled I’m Taking the Wheel in 2006. Sadly, the couple broke up in 2007. The exact reason why they went their separate ways is not readily available.

Aaron Eckhart’s Brief Relationship With Molly Sims

Another of Aaron Eckhart’s love interests was model and actress Molly Sims. The couple were first romantically linked in November 2009 after they were reportedly seen together enjoying an intimate dinner in Louisiana. However, soon after this, the pair were reported to have broken up after only months of dating.

According to reports, Eckhart broke up with Sims because she told the press they were dating. The actor is a very private person and did not like that she told the press about their romance.

Since that time, Aaron Eckhart has remained single as no reports of him being with a woman are available. However, since he is very private, it could be that he is in love with someone we all don’t know about. Time will tell.