Singer Eduardo Costa Considers Himself Semi Gay- His Gender Controversy And Partner Details Explained

The singer Eduardo Costa is creating controversy after he announced he considers himself as semi gay. 

Eduardo Costa is a Brazilian singer. 

Costa’s full name is Edson Vander da Costa Batista. He was born on December 13 in 1978 in Abre Campo, Minas Gerais, and is 42 years old currently. 

He left his house to pursue his dream of becoming a singer and worked as an office boy, florist assistant, and popsicle salesman before he found fame. 

In 1994, Costa formed a band, K & Pira, with his partner Juninho. Sadly, the band terminated shortly after. 

Costa started his solo career in 2000 and released his first album in 2003. Since then, there has been no looking back for the singer. 

Some of his most notable songs are Ainda To Ai, Amor de Violeiro, A Carta, Quando um Grande Amor Se Faz, Olhando nos teus olhos, and many more. 

Is Eduardo Costa Semi Gay? Gender Controversy Explained

In a recent interview with YouTube channel Conceito Sertanejo, Eduardo Costa confessed he is semi gay

Needless to say, the statement has stirred a lot of drama and people can’t seem to come to terms with it. 

Eduardo revealed he is semi gay as he linked some of his behaviors to homosexuality. He said he is a very organized person and does everything a via** does. 

The singer also went on to reveal that one of his best friends is gay and he used to watch both him and his ex-wife change clothes. 

Costa did not stop just there. 

He said if he were gay, he would be in a ‘gay zone’. He likes women a lot, and if he were gay, he would be very out and would like men a lot. 

His statement has raised a lot of curious eyeballs and people are disparaging him for the same. Some are laughing at him for saying he is semi gay; while some, especially from the LGBTQ+ community took offense to his comment. 

A Twitter user commented if anyone else has heard the term semi gay or is it just Costa who is semi gay. 

Furthermore, the singer admitted he was a sex addict not long ago. He even sought medical help to control his sex addiction. 

In the same interview, Costa mentioned he likes s** as much as singing and used to have fifteen relationships in a week. His sex addiction also harmed his marriage. 

Eduardo Costa Partner- Is He Married? Relationship Details

Eduardo Costa has been in plenty of relationships in the past. 

Most recently; Costa was engaged to his ex-partner Victoria Villarim. They separated in 2019. 

Before Victoria, he dated Nadia Franca for a year. He then was in a relationship with Helen Ganzarolli between 2012 and 2013.

After he separated from Helen, he dated other personalities including Lola Melnick, Ana Paula Diniz, Nuelle Alves, and Antonia Fontenelle.

Currently, it appears Costa is single.