Stephanie Cordato – Age, Height and Facts About Matpat’s Wife

Stephanie Cordato is one hell of a wonder-woman. How else do you explain a graduate of chemistry and pharmacology now running a digital consulting firm and digital media production studio? More than that, Cordato is more proud to be referred to as the wife of the American actor, writer, and YouTube sensation, Matthew Patrick (popularly known as MatPat). Together, the family of three reside in Westlake Village, Los Angeles, California, USA, from where she runs her media empire. Let’s get an up-close look at a few facts you need to know about her.

Stephanie Cordato’s Age and Early Life

Stephanie Cordato (now Stephanie Patrick) was born Stephanie Claire Cordato in North Carolina, USA, on August 9, 1987. She and her family, however, moved to Angier – a town close to Raleigh – when she was only six.

There, she attended high school and following her graduation, Cordato proceeded to Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in 2009. Asides chemistry, she also received honors as a major in classical languages, Latin and Greek precisely. And according to sources, she also majored in the English language.

Following her degree, Stephanie Cordato attended Weill Cornell Medical College in New York where she graduated with a Master of Science Degree in Pharmacology in 2011. She reportedly excelled in her program there and even bagged a first-year research award.

Just after she graduated, Cordato began working as a consultant and engagement manager for the company, Campbell Alliance. As time passed, her interests – most likely informed by her husband – tilted towards entertainment and show biz. She’s now co-owner, director, and a digital strategy consultant at Theorist Inc., a digital consulting firm and digital media production studio based in Los Angeles.

Height and Other Facts About Stephanie Cordato

1. Height and Body Measurements

Now in her early thirties, Stephanie Patrick maintains that sparkling glow and youthful shape. Although we’re not sure how tall she stands, we know she’s some inches less than her husband who stands 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 meters) and weighs around 159 lb (72 kg). She has dark brown hair and eyes. Sadly, there are no verified details about her bra, shoe and dress sizes; as well as other body measurements. We’re sure to put them all out for you as soon as we get the specifics. But there are other fun things to know, read on.

2. What’s Her Net Worth?

Although there are no reports bearing details about Stephanie Cordato’s actual net worth or yearly salary, we know she has been doing well for herself financially. Also, she enjoys her husband’s fortune. As of 2019, MatPat is said to be worth around $2.3 million; much of which came from his career as an actor, writer, and producer.

3. Her Father and Family

Stephanie Cordato and Mathew Patrick first had their love-spark as undergrads in Duke University. Patrick was a computer science student at the time, so was Stephanie. Together, they would make their first collaboration in the creation of the parody game, The Epic of Stew. After dating for an undisclosed period, Matthew proposed to Stephanie on November 17, 2010, and they were married on May 19, 2012, in Stephanie’s home state of North Carolina. Together, they have a child; their son Oliver Julian Patrick was born on the 9th of July 2018.

Growing up, Stephanie and Patrick had a lot in common. Most prominent of which is their only-child status. Her father, Roy Cordato, is an economics professor with over thirty years of experience under his belt. He reportedly supported his son-in-law, MatPat, with research on the Game Theory episode, The TRUTH Behind Nintendo’s Amiibo Shortages.

4. Social Media Following

As far as specifics go, Stephanie Cordato is quite active on social media. Especially Instagram where she commands a following of over 275k. Asides that, we’re not sure of her activities on social networking spaces such as Facebook or Twitter.

5. She Loves Animals

Stephanie owns a cat named Skip. Also, she loves dogs very much, especially the Beagles breed. Stephanie is left-handed and she drinks (tea) like a fish. Matpat’s wife has a crush on Pride and Prejudice main character, Fitzwilliam Darcy. However, only when played by Colin Firth, she says.